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Apr 26, 2007 11:14 AM

Corndoggin' it in Austin

Is there a consensus on the best corndog spot in town? Have a dog lover coming through and want to show him the best around.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the hand-dipped jalapeno corn dog at Dog Almighty.

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    1. re: Brian Lindauer

      I tried this today for lunch and was quite pleased. While their breading is not what you traditionally think of with "corn dog" (I'm used to the "breadier" version from the Texas State Fair and street festivals), I think their addition of the jalapenos makes it something special. Plus the quality of the dog was great (are these Hebrew National or another provider?). With a side of cheese fries, I was a fat and happy chowhound.

      1. re: Brian Lindauer

        I'm going to the Violet Crown festival today - I know that Dog Almighty will be there. I hope that they have the corndogs.....

        I did have some really good basic corndogs at Eeyore's. We got there right when they came out of the fryer.

        What is the poilicy on mustard. Of course, i like mustard on my corndog, but it has to be the american yellow variety. That's one of the only occurrences where I choose that mustard over "better" mustard.

      2. i second dog almighty.

        i also quite like the corn dog bites at dog & duck. they probably are frozen and come out of a bag, but they are tasty!

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        1. re: yimay

          love me some corndogs slathered in jalapeno mustard..I go thru a box of those Tx State Fair dogs regularly. I only eat all beef dogs, are almighty's all beef?