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Apr 26, 2007 11:09 AM

Pig picking caterers near Durham

Hey All, we're looking to host a backyard pig picking and are hoping to get some recommendations from the board.

I read the article in the Indy from last summer - it mostly suggested restaurants (Bullocks, etc), which seem to want us to get the whole meal through them. Does anyone know of someone who does this on the side? Any good/bad experiences? Thanks much!

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  1. Do you know where you can rent or borrow a cooker? That's how we do our neighborhood pig pickin's. We use the cooking directions from the NC Pork Council and, if you start in the morning, the pig will be ready by dinnertime. You can get a whole or half pig from Nahunta at the Farmers' Market. It's some work but it's spread over the whole day.

    A cooker and a few six packs - gets the party started early.

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      Cane Creek Farms can also provide a pig ready to cook. I think it is described at their website. We just had a bone in pork loin from them for Easter and it was some of the best pork i have had in a long time.

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        We had a great experience renting a pig cooker from American party rentals in Durham. You've just got to have a car with a hitch. If you don't have a hitch ball, they will give one to you with a $50 returnable deposit.

      2. Hi All: Just wanted to report back for folks who might be searching the archives. We went with David Sparrow from Pig in the Pen in Pittsboro. He's very flexible - can smoke at your house or bring over a pig he's already finished. He had no problem doing pig-only, and we made the fixins ourselves. Nice man, good pig.

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        1. Mark Johnson, from Hog Heaven in Durham, will do just the pig, or the entire meal. You may reach him at 919-286-7447. It is very good, but not sure what he charges for just the hog.

          David Sparrow, who was mentioned earlier, is also a good choice.

          Jimmy Stubbs, who owns Allen & Sons in Pittsboro, just catered an event for me. He did a pig, corn on the cob, slaw, hush puppies, bananna pudding, sweet & unsweet tea for a crowd of 125 people. Cost was $11.50 /person, and he also included the paper goods. You can reach him at (919) 542-2294. I'm sure he'd do just the pig if that's what you want.

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            There is a guy on Fayetteville Street near NCCU who says he does catering as well. Can't remember the name.

          2. If you plan on renting a cooker, I also recommend taking a look at for a hog. This is a group of producers raising hogs naturally, and generally they have heritage breeds. Heritage breeds are great for barbecuing, because they have a somewhat higher fat content, and are perfect for the long, slow cooking time good barbecue requires. Most conventional hogs are bred for lean meats, which is why so much barbecue is too dry. The meat is too lean for that type of cooking. Cane Creek Farms is one of the farms listed, but there are others, perhaps you can find one close by, and see if they have some suggestions.

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              Organic Gal makes a good point. A few years ago, I was speaking with the owner of Murray's out on Poole Rd. He said they added margarine to their BBQ after cooking because the hogs were so lean.

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