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Apr 26, 2007 11:00 AM

Another odd request

Anybody know where you can get good fresh fried clams (similar to those common in New England) in the Boca Raton/Ft. Lauderdale area?

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  1. Southport in Fort Lauderdale.
    Local joint but good fried clams.
    I've heard of Tarks you might want to check them out they've been around for ages.
    There is one on US1 in hollywood

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    1. re: mcbinfla

      Tark's (once several locations but now just the one in Dania, just north of Sheridan on US1) does whole bellies nicely. It's a good little shack with counter seating.

      I was never too crazy about Southport. I like the deck out back, but the food not so much. The conch chowder's all right. Do they do whole bellies or just the strips?

      Close to Southport, in the shopping center with the Office Depot on SE 17th in Fort Lauderdale, there's Kelly's Landing, which I think is a branch of a Boston-area place. They've even got Ipswich clams. It's a nicer restaurant than the other two.

      1. re: hatless

        My wife is from Boston and needs an occasional clam fix. Kelly's Landing is our regular choice and they make a pretty good clam chowder as well. Doc McNabs (360 E McNab Rd) in Pompano also serves Ipswich clams. They started out as Doc's, a Boston themed bar and restaurant near Royal Palm Plaza in Boca but moved to Pompano. Finally, there's always Legal Seafoods (Town Center Mall in Boca and Sawgrass Mills.)