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Red Sox/Yankees: Here we go again!!!

OK, so we had one good weekend. October is when it counts, I know... I'm coming to NYC this weekend and need a current list of Red Sox-Friendly restaurants with a bar and GREAT food to watch the games. Thank you very much. May the best team win. See you in October. GO SOX!!!!

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  1. Phebe's on Bowery and 4th is my go to spot. Great burgers in a Fenway-friendly environment. I'd be there this Saturday but I just got tix to the game! GO SOX!

    1. Not sure about great food, but the Red Sox bars I know about are the Riviera on 7th Ave and another one on the UWS (blanking on the name)

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        Riviera has a pretty decent burger. The only problem is that it gets so crowded(at least during Sox/Yankees games) that you'll probably have trouble getting a table.

      2. Both Phebe's and the Riviera are good choices. Phebe's is easier to get a seat in, but Riviera is the traditional go-to place. I don't know if the Boston(212) Bar still exists on the east side, but I would avoid it...food was not good at all.

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            Phebe is a great bar. Riveara is overcrowded, way too expensive and the food downright sucks!! All bars will be showing the games obviously, but the best place to go for a rfed sox crew is Phebes. Used to be a list at redsoxconnection, try googling red sox bars new york city and see what you get.

        1. Another Red Sox bar that has better pub grub than the Riviera is the Hairy Monk on 3rd Ave @ 25th St. I agree the food sucks at the Riviera, but it's definitely the most happenin of the Sox baahs! I think there is a place called Boston 212 Cafe in the upper east side, but I've never been. The nation is everywhere...Have wicked good times this weekend!

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            I hear great things about the food and atmosphere at the Outback Steakhouse on 23rd street. Especially good for a Red Sox fan. A true New York experience... check it out.

            In all seriousness, Hairy Monk is a big sox bar and has pretty decent pub food. I actuallly really like their cottage fries there too. Very nice bartenders too.

          2. Professor Thom's (on 2nd ave between 13th and 14th) is a Red Sox bar. The food isn't anything to write home about, but it is solid bar food and the atmosphere is great.

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              Here's a list...


              I've been to Harrison's Tavern on the UWS...good atmosphere...Harpoon on draft...don't know about the food though...Go Sox!!!

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                Harrison's is no more - it's now Chirping Chicken!

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                  Yes, this is very sad. Now I must take a train to go to a Sox bar. Wish it were still on the UWS.

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                  If you're on the UWS, try George Keeley's, b/w 83rd and 84th on Amsterdam.
                  They have a number of LCD screens, and projector that usually have thet Red Sox on.
                  Good pub food (Burgers, wraps, chicken sandwiches) and 20+ Beers on tap. Usually a number of Red Sox fans watching the games there.

              2. hey now! you'll be seeing the yankees on the golf course in october. go tribe!

                but to your question -- i recall the hairy monk caters to sox fans if you want to avoid the riviera crowd.

                ps -- the pub food isn't 'that' bad at the riv, it's generic pub fare, but unless you go early you would never see any in the crowd anyway. i'd still rec it if you eat nearby and just go there for the drinks and atmosphere.

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                  professor thom's is your place... def. pretty good bar food,
                  somehow even i love the place, and i'm a huge yankee fan... probably has something to do with the free shots during drunken bingo there, which, fyi, is also a great time!

                  yeah, riviera is the only other one i know of...