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Apr 26, 2007 10:18 AM

Good Boston area cheese store?

What recommendations do folks have, in terms of quality as well as price, for stores in the Boston area selling cheese?

ALSO, Bostonians ought to know that a fine cheese store in the NYC area is the Fairhaven market, a supermarket with 3 or 4 locations around NYC.

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  1. Formaggio Kitchen on Huron Ave in Cambridge.

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    1. formaggio's in the south end, on shawmut, is my favorite. the whole foods in the area tend to have pretty good selections, too. the new cheese shop in roslindale square, called the boston cheese cellar, is getting better and better.

      1. It's tough to beat the cheeses I've had from the Chelsea Markets in New York, but I've had pretty good luck with cheeses at Wilson Farms in Lexington.

        1. Are you referring to FAIRWAY in NYC? Of Steven Jenkins fame? FAIRWAY is a very well-known cheese purveyor.

          Boston has no similar full-service supermarket with such an extensive cheese department. Whole Foods has pretty good cheese.

          I prefer Formaggio, though. They have their own cheese cave in Cambridge.

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              yes, I meant Fairway. Good selection, knowledgeable clerks, great prices!