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Apr 26, 2007 10:16 AM

Truly family friendly restaurant finds in Williamsburg, VA

Like good food but also needs to be family friendly, anyone have favorite spots in the Colonial Williamsburg\Busch Gardens area?


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  1. Second St. is very good, but it was remodeled recently and I'm not sure when it's supposed to reopen.

    If you like Indian food, Nawab is excellent. Great lunch buffet for about $6. In the Big Lots shopping center on Monticello Ave., just off Richmond Rd. Across the street from Nawab is Chez Trinh, a very good Vietnamese restaurant. We've taken my 3 year old and one year old to both restaurants, and they're definitely family-friendly.

    The Cheese Shop is my favorite restaurant in W'burg. It's right in Merchant Square.

    1. Second Street is open. Also try Shackleford's - steak, seafood and kids menu (near Target in Monticello Marketplace shopping center). Also, great casual pulled pork BBQ at Pierces (on the same road as the Great Wolf Lodge). Food For Thought is another restaurant that is also surprisingly good - on Richmond Road in tourist central. Cheese Shop is great for sitting outside on a nice day.

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