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Loteria or Sabor a Mexico?

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  • kra81 Apr 26, 2007 10:09 AM
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hi guys... i'm doing a foodie excursion tomorrow night with some friends and was wondering whether i should take them to loteria or sabor a mexico? i've been to and love loteria. never been to sabor but read such great things here... but they're from beverly hills and slightly snobby.... should i not take them to sabor? thanks!

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  1. I would say, if they tolerate the steam table and crowds at Loteria... then they can take the FRESH cooking and nicely spaced out tables at Sabor.

    Hope you guys like it!


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      thanks Dommy! sounds great.

    2. Depends on how snotty they are. It's located on a pretty industrial stretch of National (we're talking auto body shops) right under the 10 freeway. It's clean and colorful, but small with not much atmosphere . Loteria is in the Farmer's Market which has a certain cache to it. But the food at Sabor is much, much better. As Dommy! says, it's fresh, and I've never found Loteria to be especially fresh, or good for that matter. So, you probably know your friends' tolerance for a hole in the wall with good food.

      1. Sabor a Mexico ROCKS. Do not miss it. If your friends like to eat, they'll love it. It's not fancy, but it's clean and attractive. You can sit inside, or outside.