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Apr 26, 2007 09:46 AM

Lunch in Annapolis

I'lll be arriving in Annapolis for a conference next Thursday and need a place for lunch beforehand. I am not a vegetarian but like to find places that serve lots of veggies when I'm on the road. I love most Asian, especially when it's spicey, but would like to hear of anything between Loews Hotel and the harbor that is especially good.

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  1. On West Street there are two main (Asian) options.
    First is Lemongrass (Thai food), which is very good. I've been there multiple times and have yet to have a meal that is disappointing. If you like spicy, you really can't beat their Ka Pow, which is a very spicy stirfry with your choice of beef, chicken, seafood, or shrimp. For lunch everything is under 10, for dinner everything runs about 9-15.

    Second is Tsunami, which is run by the same people as Lemongrass. They do Pan-Asian. I have eaten there three times now, and each meal has been quite good. Its more expensive than Lemongrass, but not much, although for dinner they are in the 20s. Things that I have enjoyed there are their pepper-encrusted tenderloin and their crab cakes which come with a citrus aioli and an amazing wasabi sauce. They also do sushi.

    On Main Street there are two options as well.
    The first is Joss which does Japanese. They have a lunch special for about 8-9 bucks. I've had good meals there, but the service has been incredibly mixed (mainly on the weekends, the weeks tend to be pretty good). Its your standard Japanese fare.

    Second is Nano Asian Dining. Nano is a mixed bag of Asian cuisine....there is some sushi, some Japanese-inspired things, Chinese-inspired, some curries, I believe. The one time I ate there I was very impressed with their avocado salad and beef negimaki, a lot of my friends rave about them and eat there quite frequently. They run about the same prices as the others.

    They all have menus online except for Tsunami. So you can look there for more information. Hope this helps.