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Apr 26, 2007 09:40 AM

Best Brunch

Looking for place to have brunch in brooklyn (around caroll gardens or nearby 'hoods is fine)

any recommendations?

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  1. my best friend lives in crown heights. we always go to tom's diner when i visit and it's good and inexpensive. the owners are so sweet and the first time i went they fixed me a chocolate egg cream on the house when we told them i was an out of towner. it's also near the brooklyn museum, so it's a nice late morning outing when you put it all together.

      1. re: pellegrino31

        I second that, and also love Banania

        1. re: orzabelle

          Banania has been Porchetta for some months now. Lucluc is indeed great, as is Chestnut (Sundays only), and Petit Cafe on 4th St. and Court.

          1. re: cgchow

            Also on Smith St. - Patois has a great prix fixe brunch for $12.99...including unlimited mimosas!

            1. re: chowzdown

              Wow, you know a lot about that nabe, chowzdown

              1. re: chowzdown

                Patois is only open for brunch on Sunday.