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Apr 26, 2007 09:40 AM

Wherefore art thou, Kobe beef?

I can hardly believe that Kobe beef is hardly mentioned on the Japan board! (Do a search-- it's true!)

I will be in Kobe in a couple of weeks and would like to get my lips around a cube or two of the good stuff.

I found an interesting blog post from Rameniac but he is extremely cryptic about the whereabouts of this establishment:

Also, this review for Ishizawa in Osaka sounds fantastic (and cheap, which is a definite bonus):

Any other suggestions for fantastic Kobe? Ideally I'd like to hear your favorite cheap one and a pricey one (with meal cost estimates



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  1. There's a link from Robb S. in that CH thread above with places in the Kobe area.... I have no specific rec, but can offer that most mid to high-end shabu-shabu places have Matsuzaka or a comparable Kobe brand on their menu as the highest priced course option.

    1. I've been researching Kobe Beef places for a future trip. Here's two reasonably priced places:

      Wakkoku Kitano-cho 1-chome, Kobe, Japan 078/262-2838
      If you want to try Kobe beef without spending a bundle, come at lunchtime to this smart but plain restaurant on the third floor of the shopping plaza underneath the Oriental Hotel, across from Shin-Kobe Station. Don't be distracted by the other restaurants on this floor -- Wakkoku is the best choice. Prices at lunchtime -- count on ¥3,000 for Kobe beef -- are lower than they are at dinner. AE, DC, V 12:00 – 2300.

      Itoh Dining (Teppanyaki). 078-232-3031. Isogami-dori 8-1-23, Sogo Wing 6F. (from the intersection in front of the S exit of JR Sannomiya go 2 blocks S and 1 block E to Sogo Wing) Open 11:30am-9pm (LO) daily.
      Far more affordable than the typical hotel teppanyaki-ya, this attractive department-store shop serves up good-quality seafood, chicken, and of course Kobe beef. The steak lunch is just Y1260, and a full-course seafood teppanyaki dinner is Y3300.

      1. There's a kobe beef place on the 5th/6th floor of a building next door to the Excelsoir coffee acroos the corner from Tokyu Hands. In my opinion the lobster/beef set is superb, and the chefs can speak some english to explain the beef a little more. Cost is about 12 000 yen. For the hidden, very expensive, gem. In Kitano on the same street West of the Catholic Church, there's a row of shops including a rice shop, some vending machines, all across froman apartment building. In this parade, there is a little non-descript "shack" with a wooden front and parhaps a tiny sign. It has the distinction of being Japan's oldest steak house, and serve exquisite cuts of beef. It is not cheap. A dinner for two will set you back about 100 000yen (that's close to 800 dollars).

        For cheap Kobe beef, there's a steak place across from MacDonalds, close tot he Belgian beer bar on the West end of Hankyu Sannomiya. It's OK -4000 yen should get you steaked up nicely.

        For cheap other food (Kobe does have many colorful places)... Coce Bill is an Izakaya on the cornet of flower road and Yamate Kansen. It's stylish but also very tasty. Also for a local place, try Ise No in the tiny alleyway under the Hankyu railway tracks by Sannomiya station.

        1. apologies mr. t! i didn't even see this thread until just now. the place seemed to make a minor fuss and a phone call when i flashed that business card i was given, so i wasn't entirely sure if they would have appreciated the free advertising. did you manage to find something while you were there?

          1. Any places in Tokyo that serve Kobe/Wagyu?

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              In Tokyo, I have tried several places for beef and the ones I liked best are:

              1) Okahan in Ginza. It is in a small building in heart of Ginza. Quite old style where you get your own room and an old lady would cook for you. The beef is as good as any Japanese beef that I have had. I do prefer Korean beef but that's just me.

              2) Moritaya at top of Marunochi Building. Very old chain hailing from Kyoto. Very good as well though probably just a tad below 1. If you do go to Kyoto, I think the main branch there is better.

              3) Gorio near Ginza. This place is at the end of Ginza towards Conrad hotel. Sister shop of Aragawa. This is Japanese beef but grilled like a US steak house. Great way to wash it down with a nice bottle of red.

              I have heard good things about Aragawa but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.