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Apr 26, 2007 09:36 AM

Good Italian - Not the North End!

Want to catch a nice Italian dinner with a friend for belated birthday -- However, I cannot stand one more mediocre experience in the North End!

Friends have suggested Grotto? Also, if there is something to salvage out of the NE, I'll consider it.

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  1. Grotto is terrific. Their garlic and black truffle soup is worth the price of admission alone.

    Other good places include Tullio's in North Quincy, Sweet Basil in Needham, Abbondanza in Everett, Rino's and Caffe Italia in East Boston, Pasta Lina's in Medford, and D'Parma in Winthrop.

    1. Via Matta near the Park Plaza hotel is good, as is Sage which just moved to the South End from the North End. I have always enjoyed my meals at Grotto.

      1. If price is no object, how about Sorellina? Excellent food in a beautiful dining room.


        1. Teatro is also good and has a fun atmosphere. The downside of the scene is that it's often packed and noisy.

          1. Rialto in the Charles Hotel Harvard Sq.