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Apr 26, 2007 09:28 AM

KC Newbie

Hey all. I'm going to be visiting KC in a week and change, for the weekend. I don't have too long there, but I'd like a few suggestions. I'll be staying SE of the city, but with a car.

I'm coming from Birmingham, AL, which has its own barbecue traditions, so I'm looking for a BBQ place that really illustrates the KC BBQ style/tradition.

Also looking for a place that makes their own root beer, and serves it on tap. Preferably not a chain.

Anything else funky/unique to the city is worth mentioning. As this is a short trip, I'm not really interested in anything I could get anywhere else.

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  1. Plenty to read about on the barbeque on the boards already, so I'll move onto the rootbeer. McCoy's Public House in Westport is the only place I know that makes their own rootbeer- they serve it on tap, and you can sometimes get a growler (sp?) to go. It is excellent!

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      That looks excellent (that it is a chain is a bit blah, but at least it's a very small one). Thanks.

    2. The 75th Street Brewery, a local chain, also has home-brewed root beer, I assume on tap. I've never had it, but there beer beer is pretty good.

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        Of course if you're going to eat BBQ in KC you have to start with Arthur Bryant's. I don't know about the root beer, sorry.

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          Every time we go to 75th Street for fish & chips I take home a growler of Root Beer for the kids (and of course I end up drinking half of it). Very yummy. 75th Street between Ward Parkway and Wornall.
          Our favorite b-b-que is Fiorello's Jack Stack in Martin City. 135th & Holmes (not far from Overland Park or Olathe). Get the burnt ends or the sampler platter with plenty of sides (cheesy corn bake, beans are to die for, onion ring tower). Gosh - my mouth just watered. I think I'll need to eat there again very soon.
          We always tell first-time out of towners not to miss the Country Club Plaza and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. The museum also has live jazz music and a bar in the courtyard every Friday afternoon/evening. Food was just OK last time I had lunch in there - many other great restaurants in KC but the museum is outstanding.
          If you like music we have lots of great jazz & blues clubs all over the city and out in the burbs (not as many in the burbs). Recommend you pick up a paper to see who is playing where and when.
          One of the more original menus is at 40 Sardines (119th & Roe) but a little more pricy.
          Have fun!

        2. I have to second the recommendation of McCoy's Root Beer. It is THE BEST. I think it's the added birch bark that makes it so delicious!

          1. I know pizza isn't exactly out of the ordinary fare, but you might want to venture to Lee's Summit to Planet Sub and get a Pyramid Pizza--but you MUST put honey on it. That's what makes it special.

            1. I love getting a burger or tenderloin sandwich at The Westport Flea Market in Westport. Really great sandwiches located in a total dive (inside an actual flea market). You order at the counter and pick up at a window. Dress the sandwich yourself at a condiment bar. The waitresses refill your drinks.
              Side note and possible TMI: sicko serial killer Bob Berdella once had a booth at the Flea Market. Bob's Bizarre Bazar.
              Definitely funky and unique.

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                not pick up on your thread jack or anything amy, but I knew someone in college that actually bought some items from Bob Berdella at the Westport Flea Market. She told me he actually had a human skull in his stall that turned out to be one of his victims. Now if THAT doesn't put you in the mood to eat...LOL