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Apr 26, 2007 09:21 AM

Providence - Chez Pascal Hot Dog cart open yet?


Does anyone know if the Chez Pascal hot dog cart is open for the season yet?

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  1. as of last week, i hadn't seen it. but i hope it's soon- im dying to try it!

    1. I walked by there yesterday, and didn't see it. It's technically possible that I just didn't notice it, but that would be the first time that I've come within bitin' range of a hot dog and not thought, "mmmmmmmm, hooot dooog."

      For reference when they do open, I much prefer the regular to the spicy, and I usually like spicy things. It just seemed to get in the way of the Pure Hot Dog Experience.

      1. what's this???? chez pascal has a hot dog cart??? i am clueless, please describe this. it sounds like an ingenious idea. where is it?

        1. On the first of May, on good word. I hear there may even be a Brisket sandwich addition to the cart.

          For those in the un-know, the Hewtins Dog Cart is in the park across from Chez-Pascal, daytime weather permitting. All relishes and condiments are top drawer and made in the CP kitchen---- details forthcoming on this years line up. I think last year there was duck fat braised sauerkraut.

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          1. re: coastaltransplant

            Brisket sandwich? Oh good lord, let that be true.

            Yeah, the cart is really terrific, they use an excellent dog and all the condiments are delicious. I'm only so-so on the braised kraut though--I actually would prefer raw kraut for that briney, acidic bite. The cooked kraut, while delicious, isn't my ideal with a hot dog. But it's still terrific. I can't believe I'm finding a way to complain about it.

            It's like Providence's own little Shake Shack, but for hot dogs.

            1. re: celeriac

              god bless chowhound! thank you for providing details for the neophytes. learning that chez pascal has a hot dog cart with duck fat-braised sauerkraut just completely made my day.

          2. Excellent sausage, extraordinary condiments, but the bread... I guess all anyone expects from a hot dog bun is that it keep their fingers clean and be more edible than a napkin.
            Something to admire about Spike's - not that it is superb bread but it is an order of magnitude better than the usual.

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            1. re: atheorist

              I like my hot dog buns to be soft, totally cheap white bread buns. The 'bready' sides, not crust sides like a weiner.