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Apr 26, 2007 09:04 AM

Fried Chicharrones

When I lived in Denver I fell in love with fried chicharrones. They consist of fried pork fat with skin attached, kind of like cajun cracklins. I haven't been able to find them anywhere in Austin! Whenever I see chicharrones they are raw, kind of jellyfish looking things. Yuck. Anyone know where I can find these, standing alone or in a burrito/taco?

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  1. I haven't had chicharrones many places, but really like the ones at Mi Colombia. You may want to search past posts by MPH who's written extensively on east Austin eateries and fare, and has mentioned chicharrones many times.

    1. Just so people are not too confused by the hyperbole, I'd point out that the chicharrones you'll get in tacos around Austin are not raw. They are soft, but they are fully cooked. I really like the ones at Don Luis SuperTaco Cafe, with their picante seasoning.

      The texture is clearly not what you found under the same name in Denver, but I think that they are as good a presentation of warm fat as the pork belly that you'd find in high-end restaurants. Were the ones you fell in love with served in a taco, or were they more like the pork rinds you'd find in the potato-chip aisle?

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        First of all, sorry for the hyperbole. I realize they aren't raw, but the sliminess is reminiscent of raw fat.

        Anyway, these chicharrones were either served in a bowl, in burritos or on cheese fries (at a great place called Chubby's). It is a piece of pork belly-- the skin, a layer of fat, and meat--not pork rinds. It is served warm, fresh, and moist. I attached a photo I found.

        I have looked at Fiesta and other places around here, but they are not the same-- not meaty or fresh enough--still a different style.

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 I'm hungry. This really looks to me like squares cut from the meaty kind of chicharrones I get at the meat markets - not pork rinds! The straight edges lead me to believe that it is cut before it is fried - indeed a different style, and I haven't found the dishes you describe around here. Good luck!

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          I finally had the Don Luis chicharrones today in a corn tortilla. The red sauce is excellent. I couldn't distinguish the flavors. There is definitely no crisp to the fat, as they are simmered all day in the sauce. They are very soft.

          My all time favorite is chicharrón con pelos. I could have that every day and die a happy man.

        3. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of the stewed chicharrones found in tacos all around Austin, but I love the crisp, tasty, fatty chicharrones brattpowered is looking for. I get mine at the meat market whose name escapes me right now, but it is at William Cannon and South Congress. I'm sure I have also gotten them at La Moreliana on South Congress (south of Oltorf, north of Ben White), and La Michoacana (I go to the one on Stassney and Manchaca).

          1. Oops, one more thing - Habana makes a typical Cuban/Puerto Rican dish called mofongo which incorporates crispy chicharrones with crispy fried plantains (tostones) with a delicious sauce...heaven, and the texture is preserved. I love fatty pork belly braised and mushy, but not the just doesn't work for me.

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              I've never had the mofongo at Habana, but it sounds like almost the same preparation as I found at Mi Colombia.

            2. They have them at Fiesta supermarket - either in bags or by the pound at the meat counter.

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                As does our Walmart, though they are at the seafood counter???