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Apr 26, 2007 08:26 AM

Can you help me spot some winners here?

I am astounded and overwhelmed with the dining choices in Paris. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on any of these establishments to help me narrow my choices! Thanks so much.
Bofinger (Too touristy? Its in every guidebook, for heaven's sake!)
Bistrot Paul-Bert
Au Bon Accueil
L'epi Dupin
La Bastide Odeon
Chez L'ami Jean
Au Bascou
Au Gamin de Paris

I would love to just go free-style and see where we end up, but with 2 kids and a vegetarian in the family, I'm better off with some solid plans!

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  1. Maceo is one of my favorite restaurants in Paris, I've enjoyed it many times. I enjoyed La Bastide Odeon the last time I was there.

    Bofinger is touristy. It's okay, but nothing spectacular.

    Those are the only places on your list I have been.

    1. I would scratch Epi Dupin and Bofinger. I loved L'Ami Jean but not sure of the veg offerings. I will be in Paris soon with a vegetarian and was wondering myself if she would be able to find anything to eat there...

      1. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

        Erica, I will be curious to hear how your vegetarian friend does in Paris. Will you please post when you return?

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          love L'ami jean - maybe some of the great falafel places in the Marais (L'As au Falafel?) would be fun for your vegetarians.

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            Ok! I will be back in early June. I think we are going to go to Bath's one night and we will call them the day before to see if they can rustle up something for her..(it is near the apartment where we are staying and gets good reviews on eGullet...)

            And she is keen in trying Ze Kitchen Galerie, too, so that may be the second place for us...

          2. we have been and can endorse Bofinger, Paul Bert and L'Ami Jean.
            Each different and special in its own way.
            At Paul Bert, my partner was able to get an all-vegetable plate made special. There was no fuss once they understood the need. All was deliciious there.
            I reject the touristy thing about Bofinger. We went there on xmas eve and stayed for 2-3 hours and it was delightful, good food and charming service.

            1. I return to Au Bascou on every visit to Paris. Extremely well done Basque specialties and good list of SW wines, Irroueleguy, Madiran, Jurancon, etc appellations not real commonly found at other restaurants.

              There was a change of ownsership last year but I could tell no difference when I last visited in December.

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                Just got back from Paris three weeks ago---Paul-Bert-wonderful. Went twice...
                You might also like Chez Dumonet -Josephine--another cozy bistro on 117 Rue du Cherche Midi. If you go, order the 1/2 portions-the full portions are HUGE, good for sharing and don't let the wine list scare you. The reasonably priced ones are in the back.
                Friendly neighborhood kind of place..we were the only non-regulars that night .