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Apr 26, 2007 08:23 AM

salad for enchiladas

I am having a hard time coming up with a salad to pair with my chicken and black bean enchiladas... i thought about doing a ceasar salad, but no, not right..... hubby is allergic to cilantro so it seems to be limiting me... any thoughts??? thanks

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  1. Mixed greens with avocado, red onion and a creamy dressing. I served a version of that w/ our 2 cheese enchiladas w/ ancho sauce and it seemed to hit the mark.

    1. I like to do a sliced mango salad with mexican. Peel and slice the mango, finely mince a tablespoon or 2 of red onion and a jalapeno. Toss together, squeez lime juice over the top, salt a bit, and let it sit for a little while before serving.

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        I like the idea of this ... i was thinking something fruity in a mixed lettuce salad... maybe some spiced pecans and a lime type vinagretee... thanks for the inspiration

      2. jicama and maybe some apple or something else (the mango idea sounded wonderful) dressed with lime and a little olive oil. Or maybe a corn and chopped tomato salad.

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          I love jicama in almost any salad, but especially with enchiladas. Jicama goes great with mango, cucumbers, avocadoes, green onions, nuts, and yes, lime juice.

        2. i do this one often with various mexican-ish meals:

          sliced cukes and sectioned oranges tossed in a vinaigrette made from veg oil, lime juice (and the juice from the unused orange parts) & zest, red pepper flakes, fresh minced oregano, minced/crushed garlic, minced green onions and a little salt. add vinegar if it needs acidity. serve on a bed of lettuce.

          sometimes i chop up a hot pepper in place of the flakes.

          1. radishes, corn and avocado with a lime cumin shallot vinagrette (with or without lettuce--if lettuce, I usually use red leaf). This is also good with some queso fresco if you can find it.