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Current Favorite Dish/Item for Less Than $10

I just saw this topic listed on the Manhatten thread and thought it was a great idea. The food item has to be less than $10 but can be from a restaurant/stand/cart etc...doesn't matter.

My top 3:

*Turkey, Bacon, Swiss, Russian Dressing, Lettuce and Onions Sandwich on Pumpernickle bread at So's Your Mom (Adam's Morgan) -About $5

* Tempura Sakana Roll at Sakana (Dupont)- About $3-4

*Cold Sesame Noodles at Mr. Chen's (Woodley Park)- $3.95

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  1. Chocolate Waffle at any of the GAR group restos, about $6

    Any breakfast item at Smith & Clarkson Deli at the Port Royal Shopping Center off Braddock Road in Annandale

    1. Pho from either Pho Dat Thanh in Columbia or Pho Nam in Catonsville
      Any soup from Atwaters in Belvedere Square
      Gyro from Never on Sunday in Mt. Vernon - Baltimore

      1. TOP THREE:

        *Half a Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken with chicken fried rice and fried plantains from Super Pollo in Ballston - about $7

        *Any oyster at Hank's Oyster Bar (well, not any... but many) in Dupont - $2

        *Risotto Fritter with Romesco Sauce from EatBar in Clarendon - $2.50

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          Yes! I forgot about that Peruvian Chicken joint out in Wheaton...that is certainly less then $10 and you get delicious steak fries and slaw with it. Forget the name but its the really well-known one.....probably the best chicken EVER!

        2. The Turkey and Brie panini at Le Bon Cafe. The only place near work for good food. It's yummy.

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            Ooooo sounds good...where's that located? Is that the one up on Capitol Hill on the House side?

            1. re: Elyssa

              I believe it's House Side. Second and Independence I think, down the side of the James Madison Library of Congress building. I've been meaning to go for weeks...

              1. re: BritInDC

                Yes! I use to go there when I interned near there...but haven't been in a couple years. Cute little French lunch place though.

              2. re: Elyssa

                yep - House side, where Brit said.
                it's great - you can eat for under $10, and if you want to, sit outside. Even Members go there for lunch.
                my favorite is the turkey and brie panini, but they have very yummy soups, too.

                1. re: Jeserf

                  Ok, I finally went for lunch today, Jeserf. I had the veg and chevre panini, which really was very good. I was very disappointed that they were out of the cold cucumber soup, but I do intend to go back. Thanks for the recommendation.

                  1. re: BritInDC

                    I've had the cucumber soup - it's very cucumbery.

            2. Kobeeda at Reston Kabob- about 8 bucks and way more than you can eat.

              1. Pho at any location

                Meatball Sub at Dipasquales- $7.95. Actually any of their subs. I try to eat lunch there weekly. My SO says that when I get the full size meatball sub I enter "the meatball zone" and that I wouldn't even notice a pig fly by.

                Little cheeseburger and fries at Five Guys- Another weekly lunch stop, I love the Brewers Hill location (compared to Mt Vernon and Inner Harbor)

                Super hotdog at Camden Yard- $5. It's that time of year again. Buy a bag of peanuts outside the park for a couple of buck, get 2 free DD sodas inside the park, and the hotdog. Perfect spring/summer lunch/dinner for under $10.

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                    From the O's website:

                    Designated Driver Booth
                    The ARAMARK Designated Driver Booth is located between gates E and F on the Lower Concourse. Fans of legal drinking age, who hold a valid driver's license, are eligible to become "designated drivers." In return for signing a pledge not to drink alcoholic beverages during the game, and for accepting the responsibility for driving other members of their group home, Designated Drivers will receive coupons that can be redeemed at Oriole Park concession stands for free soft drinks during the game. Fans should sign up prior to the start of the 2nd inning to ensure they can participate in the program. The Designated Driver Booth will remain open until approximately 30 minutes after the scheduled first pitch.

                    1. re: viperlush

                      He he... Isn't it ironic that viperLUSH knows about the DD sodas!

                      1. re: gooseterp

                        eh 2 free sodas vs. $6 for1 Miller Lite... I'd rather save the $$ for an after game drink

                        1. re: viperlush

                          Exceleent tip! Thank you Viperlush :-)

                1. With the exception of the steak sandwich at Stoneys, all these are less than $10: Roast beef at Hodges, Big G at Mangialiardos, the Reuben at Deli City, and the Ahab Burger at Sign of the Whale.


                  There's also the 4-piece fish sandwich at Horace & Dickies ($4.85) and the philly cheesesteak just around the corner at the Philadelphia Water Ice Factory on H Street.

                  1. Pulled pork sandwich with baked beans and potato salad from Andy Nelson's BBQ in Cockeysville. $7.50

                    Bacon cheeseburger with fries from Fort Charles Pub in South Baltimore. $6.

                    10 Bruce Lee Wings at Cross Street Market. $7.50

                    Popular pizza with homemade meatballs from Matthew's on Eastern Ave., $9.50

                    1. Goat taco, El Charrito Caminante
                      Ginger Salad, Myanmar
                      Dahi Vada, Punjab Dhaba

                      1. Great thread - Max's Kosher Cafe in Wheaton, the whole Falafel for less than $7 and then a Raspberry Hamentash from the Strickly Kosher supermkt right next door for dessert = under $10 heaven for me. :o)

                        1. Indonesian noodles at Noodles Corner, Columbia
                          Any breakfast (esp. waffles or pancakes) at Frank's Diner
                          Kimchee fried rice with fish egg at Beseto next door to H-Mart in Catonsville
                          Grilled beef bun at Pho Dat Thanh
                          And the best fast-food deal in Howard Co: X-large, one-topping pizza for $6.99 at Philly's Best in Elkridge. Good pizza, too.

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                          1. re: little audrey

                            I always go for the chicken fried steak with scrambled, home fries and biscuit at Frank's. Frank's has the best diner food I've found around here.

                          2. On K and 17th at Farragut Square, any burrito from Carlos the burrito vendor. They're something like $5 and HUGE.

                            On "Eye" and Connecticut, the Big Egg for breakfast from Park Place. I can't remember how much, but it was good and cheap.

                            In Beltsville, the plantanos con crema at La Fuente. They come with a sour cream-like substance and refritos. I also like their pupusas, which are about $1.50.

                            In Crofton/Gambrills, I am partial to the chicken or eggplant Parmesan sandwiches at The Italian Market.

                            1. Kubideh platter at Kabob Bazaar in Clarendon--I think it's like $8.95 and you get a big basket of hot grilled pita with onion, radishes, parsley, cilantro and that yogurt sauce, 2 big kabobs and fluffy rice.

                              1. Boiled shrimp or fried fish sandwiches from the vendors at the Maine
                                Avenue fish market. 1/2 dozen oysters. Fried calamari. All for less that $10 each, plus fresh and freshly cooked!

                                1. Love this topic! Here's my favorites, mostly from Old Town since I seem to be there a lot lately:

                                  -The chicken panini sandwich at a La Lucia - awesome bread, olive oil, touch of lemon and arugula - simple, delicious and just about the best bargain around at $5.95.
                                  -The garlicky chicken schwarma sandwich at the Pita House on Cameron St. Close second is the spicy sujok sandwich.
                                  -The cod Fish and Chips at Eamonn's with chili dipping sauce
                                  -Sticky rice in lotus leaves at Dim Sum places (most recently at Lucky 3)
                                  -The chicken curry soup at Maylasia Kopitam (can't remember the exact name)
                                  -Samosas, most recently from Naan and Beyond on L St.

                                  And finally, I love Bolivian Saltenas (that's supposed to have a tilde but I'm lazy). My favorite place for this closed a while back so I am desperately seeking a new place in the VA suburbs. Any suggetions would be much appreciated!

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                                  1. re: baconjen

                                    Second The Pita House! The Kafta Sandwich is great. Also Eamonn's small fish and chips. I'd also like the stretch the cost a bit, but I feel that the Lickety Split lunch at Eve, for 13.50 is well within the spirit of this thread. This is an exensive place, with the tasting menus at $95 and $125 now. Yet, you can go to the bar/lounge for lunch (mon-fri), pick any two items from the menu and spend $13.50. Amazing.

                                    1. re: baconjen

                                      tutto bene (yes, an italian restaurant, but owned by bolivians) in ballston sells saltenas on saturdays and sundays...

                                    2. I'm going to add that I also love the falafal at A-Dam falafal in adams morgan.
                                      worth going to frat central to top my pita with as much spicy stuff as I want!

                                      1. I love the jerk chicken at Tropicana over on Georgia Avenue near Howard University. Just $8.95 and you get a ton of rice and peas and stewed cabbage. I always have leftovers because I can never say no to picking up a beef or veggie patty with my meal.

                                        1. Quarter chicken dark with fries and slaw at El Pollo Rico in Wheaton and in Arlington near Murky/Common Grounds

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                                          1. re: chowsearch

                                            Yes! I completly forgot to put down El Pollo Rico. That is one of the best meals I've ever had in DC and it came from this little take out hole in the wall. That chicken is addictive. I just wish it wasn't so far away...especially because I don't have a car. My friend and I called it Crack Chicken because its so addictive...and the best bang for your buck!

                                            1. re: Elyssa

                                              On the subject of "crack chicken" I have to mention Hunan Manor off Fort Hunt Road in Hollin Hall. Everything on the menu is generic American Chinese (some of it quite terrible), but the fried chicken wings are etherial. This is where angel chickens go to die. I can't tell whether it's the coating (flour with salt and pepper?), the meaty wings (Perdue?), the technique (high-heat deep frying? in the same oil as the egg rolls?), but the wings come out with blistered skin that's not oily, meat that's juicy and tender, and most importantly, it tastes like chicken and not like fryer fat or batter or something that came out of a freezer bag. Their "mambo sauce" is nothing of the sort; it's a kind of horseradish/wasabi/Coleman's mixture that can strip paint. Six wings for around $4 but those wings are more like chicken legs. My 2-year-old eats them with both fists.

                                          2. In no particular order:
                                            -- Schwarma, half or whole, in the $6-8 range, at Max's in on University Blvd. in Wheaton. (Falafel there already on previous poster's list.)
                                            -- Gyro from Greek Deli, 19th St. between L & M. None better. I think it's in the $6-7 range.
                                            -- Pizza slice (Sicilian or regular, w/ or w/o toppings) at Washington Deli, which says it's pizza is Long Island-style. 20th St. between I & K. As close to NY-quality as I've had in DC area. $3 a slice. (Had mushroom today. Pretty good. They were advertising 2 slices + fountain drink for $6.)

                                            1. Great post... great suggestions. I'm heading for a few weeks of great cheap eats.
                                              My vote goes to any burrito from Burrito Brothers (my fave is the Super Bean and Rice with extra hot sauce!)

                                              1. Mike's Mexolina tacos in a soft corn tortilla with the corn salsa at Teocalli Tamale in Herndon--about $6.50
                                                Pan-fried pork dumplings at A&J in Rockville or Annandale--$5.00
                                                Picked long beans with beef at A&J $4.00

                                                1. Great Post! There are already so many listed favorites here are some of mine I don't know exact prices but under $10:
                                                  Spicy Calamari Salad at TenPenh
                                                  Cuban Chicken Potato (or Brocoli and Cheese) from Potato Valley in Annapolis
                                                  Chimicanga at El Toro Bravo in Annapolis
                                                  Napoli at Italian Store in Arlington
                                                  Eel Sushi from Sushi Zen in Falls Church
                                                  Anything from Nacho Mamas in Baltimore (haven't been in there in forever miss it)
                                                  Veggie Sandwhich from Blue Cheese/Sam's Deli in Annapolis
                                                  Gyro from Tarbouch in Arlington
                                                  Crabcake sandwhich from Frisco Family Pub in Westminster
                                                  Tsunami in Annapolis lunch (pretty much anything although some items over $10)

                                                  I have to like fourth the Pita House so good! And El Pollo Rico and Hank's! Oh so much good food for under $10 I can't even begin to list it all.

                                                  1. The spicy crunchy tuna roll at Spices on ConnAve.

                                                    1. Two saltenas--one chicken and one beef--at Luzmilla's in Falls Church. $6.

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                                                      1. re: shortorder

                                                        Where is this roughly? Can you get them every day, or is this one of those weekend deals? I'm so happy right now because I've gotten two saltena places from this post!

                                                      2. Pho at Pho Dat Thanh in Columbia or Pho Nam in Catonsville

                                                        1. Watercress appetizer at Ruan Thai.

                                                          1. The Taiwanese hamburger at Bob's Noodle 66
                                                            Pretty much anything on the menu at A&J, but in particular the pork dumplings and the dan dan noodles.
                                                            Chicken with fried yuca and rice and beans at Crisp and Juicy

                                                            1. Noone's mentioned banh mi yet?

                                                              Here's a link to where this was done before, but at a lower price point: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/171868

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                                                              1. re: Lori D

                                                                The Bahn Mi place on Georgia Avenue next to the Dunkin Donuts near Wheaton Plaza. Fabulous sandwiches for about 3 dollars. Most of the menu at Joe's Noodle House.The Leoni sub from Italian Gourmet in Darnestown. The Lefty's Special from Mario's on Wilson Blvd. The yellow noodle w/shrimp pho from Nam Viet. Blueberry pancakes at the Double T Diner in Catonsville. The pit beef sandwich at The Canopy in Catonsville. The fish sandwich at Horace and Dickey's. The Capri sub at the Italian Store on Spout Run. The Blackjack burger at Griff's Landing in Frederick. The crabcake sandwich at Gunning's in Hanover. Pastrami sandwich at Chick and Ruth's in Annapolis. The large posole con puerco at The Taco Bar in Gaithersburg. A pair of goat tacos and fried yucca at El Charro Caminante. The eggplant and pork hot pot at Mark's Duck House at Willston. Lobster whipped potatoes at the Tasting Room in Frederick.

                                                                1. re: flavrmeistr

                                                                  I have no idea what lobster whipped potatoes are (and would love an explanation) but they sound like heaven to me!!!!

                                                                  1. re: Elyssa

                                                                    Just what it sounds like...potatoes whipped with cream and butter with chunks of lobster served in a martini glass. An $8 appetizer that my wife orders as a meal. I usually don't tout the Tasting Room on this board because it's hard enough to get a table as it is.

                                                                  2. re: flavrmeistr

                                                                    "The Bahn Mi place on Georgia Avenue next to the Dunkin Donuts near Wheaton Plaza."
                                                                    Gone, but not forgotten. <sob>

                                                                    1. re: Mister Big

                                                                      Seems like I was in there only a few weeks ago. Another good sandwich bites it.
                                                                      Also, they had sodas made from grass and other weird stuff that I found irresistable. Too bad!

                                                                    2. re: flavrmeistr

                                                                      I thought Gunning's was RIP.... please correct me if I'm wrong.

                                                                      1. re: Steve

                                                                        The original Gunning's in Brooklyn is gone, but not the later location in Hanover.

                                                                        Just to confuse things, Gunning's in Brooklyn was on S. Hanover St.

                                                                        1. re: Hal Laurent

                                                                          Aha, that's my confusion, the street with the neighborhood. Thanks for clearing that up.

                                                                  3. The Peena Palaw for $9.50 at Kabob Cafe in Sterling.

                                                                    1. Gyro at Skorpios Maggio's Family Restaurant in Vienna
                                                                      Saltenas at Tutto Bene on the weekend
                                                                      Lucky 3 dim sum 9.95 buffet
                                                                      Peruvian chicken from super pollo

                                                                      1. EXCELLENT TOPIC! Here's my list of faves (unfortunately, the crispy squid at Thai Square is $14.00, but my husband and I will share it!):

                                                                        - Pad Kee Mao or Pad Lard Na Talay or Floating Market Noodle soup at Thai Square
                                                                        - Jaipuri Paneer Dosa at Saravana Palace
                                                                        - Roasted Pork and/or Shrimp Bun from Saigon Citi (the location in Alexandria)
                                                                        - Special Chicken Sandwich at Edy’s
                                                                        - Mantu and Aushak at Food Factory (Annandale or Springfield locations)
                                                                        - Pupusas or Tacos at ECC ($10 would get you at least FIVE))
                                                                        - Miser Wat at Caboose Café
                                                                        - General Tso’s “chicken” at Sunflower Café
                                                                        - Rainbow or Kabuki rolls at Yamazato
                                                                        - Spicy Roasted Tofu with Basil at Bangkok 54
                                                                        - Mushroom Steak sub at Al's Steak House
                                                                        - Dozen HOT Krispy Kremes
                                                                        - Grilled Octopus at Bebo Trattoria
                                                                        - Cholo Kabob at Shamshiri

                                                                        1. Fried Chicken sandwich or dinner at Blue and White Carryout
                                                                          Chilean Beef from Julia's Empanadas (esp. after a night out)
                                                                          Pho at Pho Tay Ho
                                                                          Chicken Fried Pork Belly at Rustico
                                                                          Sweet Potato Pie at Eastern Market (sob!)
                                                                          Chinese baked buns with sweet or savory fillings at Great Wall supermarket in Merrifield

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                                                                          1. re: anhdeluxe

                                                                            Some of my favorite lunch items for less than $10 off the top of my head:
                                                                            (1) Mediterranean Fish Soup at Breadline on Fridays (about $6.50) with a chocolate marscapone cookie ($1.25)
                                                                            (2) Greek Deli Express Greek Combo ($9.95 [I think], but enough food for 2 full meals)
                                                                            (3) Capri sandwich ($8 or so) (or the white pizza ($3/slice)) from The Italian Store
                                                                            (4) Lunch buffet at Nirvana ($9.95, I think), particularly on Fridays

                                                                          2. Just had something so delicious I had to add: The spinach-feta-chicken melt from Perfect Pita in Old Town (there is also one in DC - I think on 20th street). This thing was so good and just $6 - I really could have eaten two. Best thing by far at Perfect Pita!

                                                                            1. Since I live in Annapolis:

                                                                              * Chicken gyro at Chris Charcoal Pit on West St
                                                                              * grilled fish sandwich at Boatyard Grille in Eastport

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                                                                              1. re: chesapeake72000

                                                                                - Fried green tomato BLT at St-Ex ($9)
                                                                                - Crispy duck at Eat first
                                                                                - Suppli or crostinis at 2Amys

                                                                              2. - A few tacos (goat, whatever else) and a pupusa from TECC in Arlington
                                                                                - Half with everything from El Pollo Rico in Arlington
                                                                                - Blue Crab Fritters at Sweetwater Tavern. They have these at some of the other GAR restaurants, but the crab+shrimp fritters at coastal flats aren't as good.
                                                                                - 9 or 10 oysters at Old Ebbitt during oyster happy hour
                                                                                - two slices of tomato/basil pizza from Tony's in fair lakes
                                                                                - lunch buffet at Minerva
                                                                                - Any pho from Viet House on Main St in Fairfax
                                                                                - Jerk spiced pork with a couple sides at Caribbean Grill in arlington

                                                                                to name a few

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                                                                                1. re: Lowbar

                                                                                  I'm not counting "snacks" here, just full meals. As it is, mine varies with time of day:

                                                                                  Breakfast (weekdays):
                                                                                  Grits from Clyde's on the Walk in Chinatown ($1.25 + tax, wow.)
                                                                                  Turkey&Egg sandwich on a bagel at Ebbitt express in Metro Center ($3.50 + tax)

                                                                                  Brunch (weekends)
                                                                                  Catfish Po'Boy w/2 extra scrambled eggs from New Orleans Cafe in AdMo (~$8.95, not actually on the menu so it varies)

                                                                                  Lunch (weekdays)
                                                                                  Any grilled sandwich from Lawson's at 13th and G (~$6 and enough for two people)
                                                                                  The "Yankee Doodle" at the coffee shop across the street from CF Folks in Dupont ($5 - for the uninitiated, the Yankee Doodle is an egg salad BLT on a toasted roll. Amazing.)

                                                                                  Late lunch (weekdays)
                                                                                  Composed salads from Ebbitt Express (half off after 3 PM - so most things are under $3 a pound)

                                                                                  Late lunch (weekends)
                                                                                  Horace and Dickie's fried fish sandwich ($5)
                                                                                  (Maine Ave. serves good ones too, but they are more expensive and less stuffed w. fish... that being said... still good.)

                                                                                  Meal + rice and an egg roll or soup at Jackey's Cafe in Chinatown ($7)
                                                                                  Pho from the little cafe on 6th NW near Kanlaya in Chinatown ($6)

                                                                                  Super late-night
                                                                                  Amsterdam Falafel ($6)
                                                                                  Julia's Empanadas ($3.50)

                                                                                  1. re: EricDC

                                                                                    Fried flounder sandwich at Gunning's in Hanover, MD. Eight bucks for a big ol' slab of fresh flounder, fries and slaw.

                                                                                2. Apple struddle ,at Mastoris diner Bordentown N.J.