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Apr 26, 2007 06:52 AM

"treats" recs, anyone?

I'm looking for places where I can go and have:

a: a decent cup of coffee
B: more importantly, a very, very good dessert. High quality ingredients are a must, no margarine, please...

I'm not picky about location, but I'm in midtown around Yonge and Eglinton.

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  1. Seems I've been recommending them a lot lately, but when the shoe fits... go to Dessert Trends (Harbord and Brunswick). The desserts are fantastic (the owner is an award-winning pastry chef) and the coffee is excellent. The space is bright and airy -- a lovely place to while away a couple of hours.

    1. Closer to Jung and Egg, there are a couple of choices. Dufflet's cafe on Yonge across from Spending Life has a few seats. If you don't mind going over to Bayview, both Rahier and Patisserie La Cicogne have some seating, and some of the best desserts in the city. There's a relatively undiscovered place called La Bamboche a couple of doors off Manor Road with good desserts, but no seating. Or Jules on Mt. Pleasant (used to be partner to Rahier years ago).

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        I'd second the Rahier and Patissiere La Cigogne recs. Both yummy. Can't vouch for the coffee though.

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          The coffee is good at Rahier, too;)

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          La Bamboche has done a bit of a renovation and has some seating now.

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            I've been to La Bamboche and was not impressed with their desserts at all. I picked 3 of their desserts and all were too sweet. It was sometime ago.. .so i don't remember much.. but i think that pretty much says it all.. if something is good then by god you will remember it... i haven't been back since that time.. i also remember the desserts to appeared kind of old.. almost stale. but i did go during the evening time at dinner.. so maybe they weren't fresh by then... there wasn't also a big selection by the time i got there... i was actually hoping to pick up some macarons..

            I've also been to Dessert Trends and I will definitely return as the desserts were not too sweet.. I ordered something that resembled a white chocolate shell with a cream filling inside....I think it's important for a dessert to be sweet but also not make you reach for your water right after a bite.. so Dessert Trend did score some points with me. Also tried their gelato..but nothing spectacular..

            Lastly, Patisserie La Cigogne has quite an assortment of sweets and a comfortable, nice looking seating area... I felt like I was in a playground in there because they do have little packages of candies and cookies available for sale... I was most impressed with the presentation of their cakes.. absolutely beautiful! Also included a picture of the desserts I got ... (also 3).. One was an apple tart that was actually really good... and the bacarra which is kind of layers of pistachio cake (which were pretty chewy) and cream. There were also a couple think layers of dark chocolate and fresh peaches in the cream... I thought this one was a bit sweet for my liking and would have personally liked more peaches to even out the sweetness.. the last one.. I've forgotten the name but there are a couple of macaron biscuits on it and it is green.... inside is a strawberry mousse and passionfruit jelly.. this one wasn't too bad.. but the apple tart was my personal favourite.. I would go back there in a heartbeat to try all their different desserts...

            Also..... I consider the pain au chocolat from Jules Patisserie to also be a wonderful treat.. it's got the most scrumptious and flakey texture .. in fact I would pick this pain au chocolat over all the other desserts mentioned above..

            Pic 1: La Bamboche
            Pic 2: Dessert Trends -- Yummy!
            PIc 3: Patisserie La Cigogne

          2. There's a cafe called Maxim's on Finch between Bayview and Leslie.
            I haven't tried many of their other desserts, but me and my friends love going there for the almond meringue cakes... they have blueberry, strawberry, and mango... I love the blueberry meringue the best! They are LLBO licensed and make specialty drinks, though I haven't tried them myself, but my friends liked theirs. The plaza its at is kind of drab, but the place itself is nice :)

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              My family buys the meringue cake a lot... favourite one is the strawberry - actually that's the only one we buy... tried the mango but flavour just isn't as strong.. the blueberry looks as if it's just 5 blueberries drowning in cream.. so we never gave that a shot.. but we don't feel like we're missing out.. the last two times I had it it seemed to have gotten a lot sweeter than all the other times I've eaten it... hmm..
              I wonder if it's because I've gotten older and just can't take as much sugar :P Doubt it though.. I love desserts too much

            2. There's the Sweet Gallery at Mt. Pleasant and Soudan. I've never been, but it seems to have a good selection of European-style cakes and sweet things.

              1. Go to the Tapas bar side of Chiado. It is much more casual than the dining room. They have the best desserts I've eaten in years.