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Apr 26, 2007 06:48 AM

Looking for good Italian/Pizza in Columbus, OH

Will be in Columbus for a dance competition, with teenagers. Always end up eating in chain restaurants and we would like to try to find a good Italian or pizza place or sandwich/fries/salad place that is not a chain. Not too fancy (teenagers) or too overpriced or small portions (husband) - can you help? Thanks!

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  1. My favorite pizza in town is without a doubt Adriatico's. Check it out if you're near campus or downtown. Get the teenagers a Buckeye, which is an absolutely enormous Sicilian style pizza that will feed legions for not much cash. Year before last, my out-of-town aunt convinced me to let my (much younger) sophomore in high school cousin and four of his friends stay at my place while their school team played a a few days worth of state basketball finals. I got them an Adriatico's Buckeye and half-a-dozen two liters of soda for dinner the first night and they liked it so much they made me get them the same thing the following two nights after that. For years I've been getting a thin crust pie with their (truly excellent) sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms washed down with pitcher of cheap beer, but the thick crust Buckeye is great for a big crowd of starving teens.

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      Ditto the recommendation for Adriatico's. It's the best pizza in CMH, and a good value.

    2. Morone's is wonderful. On Wednesday nights they have a buffet so you can try a huge variety of foods for around $8.

      Eagle's pizza in New Albany is also terrific. Their taco pizza is my favorite in town. They are very reasonable in pricing. They don't have a website.

      1. i used to like rotolo's in grandview. for a change you might like to have an ny-styled slice at flying pizza on high st by osu too.

        1. I think Ohio and Columbus in particular is pizza heaven. I have gotten smitten with Tommy's Pizza ( ) which is thin crust and tasty without killing your wallet. The peperroni they use is excellent. They have several locations including one near OSU campus on Lane Avenue. I always see lots of teens in there too, so it must work for them. Also there are the award winners at Pizza Plus in Gahanna and Bexely. ( ) Enjoy your stay in cowtown USA. ;-)

          1. I just moved here from NY. Flying Pizza is the only NY style pizza we have found so far. I really do miss the thin crust, greasy, cheesy pizza we would get in NY. Any suggestions for a place on the Westerville side?

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              There's nothing I can think of around Westerville that would approximate what you're used to in New York. You already found Fly Pie which has another location up on Bethel that might be more convenient for you. Pizza Napolitana Downtown is decent, and Sarefino's in the North Market isn't bad, but I still have to recommend Adriatico's thin crust. It is slightly thicker than the traditional New York pie, but greasy and cheesy definitely fits the bill. You might find it's worth the occasional drive to campus after you eat there.