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Apr 26, 2007 06:19 AM

Greek or Turkish for Bday Celebration?

I'm looking for a place for my birthday celebration dinner for around 10 people and I'm thinking perhaps Turkish, Greek, Middle Eastern (something of that nature). I have already been to: Turkish Kitchen, Barbounia, Ethos, Beyoglu, Azza, Thalassa, Sahara Grill, and Ali Baba. I'm looking for a new spot with perhaps a more festive vibe. Any help from the hounds? Thanks!

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  1. oh and I'm going to Periyali tonight so that's out as well.

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      I've been to Periyali, and it was excellent, if a little too expensive for Greek food.

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          Frankly, it's good that you aren't paying because I thought the food at Periyali the one time we were there was just o.k. Certainly, not special enough to warrant prices that are much higher than other Greek restaurants, like Ethos, which have excellent food and more moderate prices.

          A couple of suggestions. Darna, on 2nd Av., b/t 34th & 35th Sts., is a Moroccan restaurant with delicious food and Rick's Cafe-type decor.

          Byblos, on 39th St., just east of 3rd Av., is a Lebanese restaurant that has been around for many years. We haven't been there in quite a long time, but the food was always good, and there was an upbeat vibe. On weekends, they have entertainment.

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            what is Rick's Cafe type decor? I'm not familiar...

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              On second thought, Darna looks fantastic. I will call tomorrow to book a table. Thanks RGR!

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                Hey, foodie4life, Glad to hear that you'll be booking Darna. I'm not the only Hound who has had good things to say about it. If you do a search, you might be able to find other comments.

                As regards my use of the "Rick's Cafe" description, that refers to the movie "Casablanca."

    2. Hi foodie4life

      So this time it is your own birthday! Congrats! I am not so familiar with Greek or Middle Eastern food, but Adam Platt just gave an excellent review to Anthos, which sounds like a good place for celebration. It looks a bit contemporary and even I want to try it out! I think some hounds did a thread on Anthos, so you may do a search on that. Here is a link for the Platt's review:

      Hopefully other hounds can give you more suggestions!

      Congratulation and Happy Birthday!

        1. Try Estiatorio Milos in Midtown West if you want to try upscale. Pricey will admit but the fish are excellent.You pick the fish and then they serve it up for you. It sort of has that expense account midtown feel you get with most restaurants in that area but it's really good and fresh. But for sure the bill get's high.

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            Thanks to all. I will look into Anthos and Pylos. If Estiatorio Milos is pricey then I cannot really do it. We'll be a group of mid 20s ladies and I need to keep the pricing modest.

            I still have a few weeks on this but I wanted to get the ball rolling. May ditch the Greek idea all together and look into something else if I can't find anything fitting.

          2. I thought I saw somewhere that Gus's Place reopened in a new spot in the Village. I always liked the vibe and the food there, and the price was always reasonable.