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Apr 26, 2007 05:41 AM

German Wedding Cake?

A friend is looking for a German style wedding cake (at hubby-to-be's request)
She's in the GTA, but the cake would travel to Huntville for the wedding.
Any ideas? I'll be recommending Baumkuchen, though I havn't tried this company myself:

BTW- She's not looking for a super fancy cake but a fabulous traditional German cake!
Thanks for any help you can provide us with.

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  1. The Baumkuchen description looks interesting. Eitelbach's truffles are tasty, but I haven't tried any of their cakes.

    Konditor on Queen East also makes German/Austrian cakes and wedding cakes.

    1. Fabian's at 876 Markham Road, Toronto is German I believe (or Austrian) - they make fabulous cakes, not too sweet, and are priced very reasonably.

      There's also Gerhard's which is also German bakery at 1085 Bellamy Road North, Toronto - personally never tried this places

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        Gerhard used to prepare some pastries and truffles for Barberians before he struck out on his own in the early to mid 1980's. He is a German patissier and makes some fairly good desserts. His chocolate mousse cakes (both white and dark) are sinfully good. Other favourites include the whipped cream cake usually served with strawberries.

        1. re: Mike from Hamilton

          My parents love going to Gerhard's :) Their cakes aren't too sweet at all. The strawberry meringue cake is really good.
          The couple that owns/runs it is really nice! They have people working for them though so you may not always see them.

        2. re: berbere

          Ohhhhh, I forgot about Fabian's, it's super delicious! I work just down the street from Gerhard's...will stop by and pick up somthing for the weekend! He sounds amazing. Yum, whipped cream cake! Thanks everyone!

          1. re: berbere

            Fabians, Fabians, Fabians.
            He made our wedding cakes. And the caterer wanted to know where we'd got them!