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Apr 26, 2007 05:35 AM

Columbus, OH Chinese (again..?) -- Scallion Pancakes?!

Hi folks -- we recently moved to Columbus from NYC. There are a number of really excellent restaurants around the area, but the Chinese I've tried so far is lacking. (I still say the best Chinese food, generally speaking, is in Massachusetts...)

The one thing I really miss, and please don't ask me why, is Scallion Pancakes. They're horribly bad for you, and really not the shining star of a menu, but still, it's comfort food. Or something like that. But for some reason, it's really hard to find this outside of the Northeast (NY, Boston, etc.). Does anyone know of a restaurant around Columbus (I'm up towards Dublin) that has this appetizer? Thanks for your help!

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  1. Don't quote me on this, but I seem to recall Silla on Henderson (northwest side) having them. It's a Korean place. To be honest, I'm still looking for a GREAT Chinese place around here that I would recommend to others without reservation. We have excellent Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean...but I'm still looking for that one Chinese place that I would be willing to drive more than half-an-hour to get to.

    1. Hey there - wow, that's a big adjustment...NYC to Columbus. We lived in Columbus for years - have been in Denver now for 6 years. However, our favorite chinese restaurant when we were there was the Hunan Lion on Bethel Rd. We lived in Muirfield Village in Dublin - - so not too far a drive. The folks that run/own it also have another one - I think it's called Hunan House. Anyway, if you live in Dublin, Hunan Lion isn't too far - good luck! Hope you are enjoying Columbus - I know it's no NYC, however, it really is a special little city - we always call it one of the best kept secrets.

      1. hello - we did the opposite move years ago....i am having a hell of a time finding chocolate covered peanut butter buckeyes, ice cream on every corner and round pizzas cut into squares - lol!

        i think you might have better luck finding them in the older chinese restaurants rather than the newer suburban ones. my neighborhood fav was always CHINESE VILLAGE at lane and high by osu. i believe they have them, not sure anymore tho, but the place was always consistant if anything for basic items so worth a try.

        1. I second scallion pancakes at Silla, which is pretty close to you. I totally agree about the Chinese food in Mass - I was in Boston 10 years ago and I still think about all the stellar Chinese food I had there. Although I haven't been there (yet), I have heard really good things about a place called Guangdon on the NE side, at 6101 Busch blvd (off of E Dublin Granville road).
          Also, not to be self-promoting (sorry) but I have a food-related website which some transplants and visitors to Columbus have found helpful:

          1. Even though I usually just read the St. Louis info I just had to stop by when I saw your topic. I moved from NYC to St. Louis and I TOO have been craving scallion pancakes. Everytime I go to a Chinese restaurant I quickly scan the appetizers to see if maybe some other transplant has slipped them on the menu!