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Apr 26, 2007 04:38 AM

Rehearsal Dinner in or near Bala Cynwyd?

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a reasonable priced rehearsal dinner in or near Bala Cynwyd. Guests will be staying at the City Avenue Hilton, so it needs to be close to there, either accessible by car or train.


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  1. How many people? What time of year? What's reasonably priced?

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    1. re: susan1353

      40-50, 60 TOPS people, May 16, 2008, Not really sure yet, but probably about $2000-4000, so $50 pp TOPS, but I would really like it to be less. Thank you!

      1. re: njeggy1

        Mikado has a second floor that's nice, thoughit may not hold 60 people.

      2. re: susan1353

        Delmonicos's might be a bit Pricey. You could check the New Tavern on Montgomery Ave. It's classy and very reasonable. Aldar's Bisto can accommodate large parties, but your guests would all have to like Middle Eastern.

        You're also close to Mel's on the Hill (mostly Italian) in nearby Belmont Hills. Actually you're not THAT far from Manayunk, but parking is a drag there ...

      3. Chops on city line is an option. Probably toward the upper end of your range, but there is a large private dining room that could hold your event.

        1. Have you checked out what the Hilton has to offer? Sometimes the hotels have a package that is less expensive than you would have thought. I know that they have several function rooms. They might be able to work something out for you.

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          1. re: sylviag

            we'll probably be doing a breakfast in the Hilton the day after the wedding, so we would like to go somewhere different for the rehearsal dinner.

            1. re: njeggy1

              The New Tavern on Montgomery Avenue, as PhillyJazz suggested, should fit your needs. Traditional kind of menu, attractive place, and they're used to large parties.

              1. re: sylviag

                Thank you everyone for your help! I'll check out Chops, New Tavern and Aldar's.

                1. re: njeggy1

                  I would look in Manayunk. It would be much more fun for people to go out afterwards.

                  1. re: C Mo

                    ... but awful for parking. Also, the cops are just DYING to give tickets to non-locals who make a wrong turn down 100 feet of an unmarked one-way street. There are a ton of neat places, but if you go, splurge for a lot, and don't wander off Main Street. It's not dangerous (except for the cops.)

                    1. re: phillyjazz

                      Manayunk has always sounded fun to me, but some of our guests won't even have cars and I don't want to force people to get cabs. At least New Tavern is pretty close to the Hilton (1.5 miles). I like the convenience of that.

                      1. re: njeggy1

                        Keep it simple sweetheart!
                        The Tavern or Aldar (right next door) should fit the bill just perfectly without busting your pocketbook.

                        1. re: njeggy1

                          You can also consider hiring a bus to take people from the hotel to/from dinner. Thank you.

            2. Eviva on Montgomery Ave just past Bala Cynwyd on the way to Narberth. Parking, great food, upscale, they may be above your budget but probably negotiable and close to City Line

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              1. re: MothaTucker

                I have been to RD's at both Evviva and Aldar- both amazing! Aldar is more affordable with a great back private room and delicous fish and Greek/Mid East specialties!

                La Collina may be another great option and is very close to hotel.

                1. re: lillotis

                  I have not been to Eviva but have been to Aldar. It isn't amazing at all, but it's close, and as far as location your options are very limited. If location is a priority go with these options, but these restaurants don't compare to something you may get with a small drive.