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Local seafood institution Newick's is closing

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Just read in the Union Leader that Newick's is closing its Merrimack and South Portland restaurants. Reasons given were the high overhead involved in maintaining a 500 seat restaurant, changing food habits and the rising cost of lobster. The original location in Dover will remain open.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I have only been to the Dover location. My last few visits (last one was a summer ago) were disappointing. My dad, who worked at the now-defunct Pease AFB would go with coworkers there for lunch once a summer when the food was ridiculously plentiful, cheap and good. I remember a coworker of his ordered the fried smelt plate for something like 3 bucks, and downing the towering platter of smelt one by one, whole.

    I wonder about the story behind the story. I went to Markey's in Seabrook on Monday evening to revel in the summer-like weather and the place was packed. So was Brown's. They're about the same kinda place as Newicks. I can't see seafood of any type going out of style in New England anytime soon. Look at Weathervane. But regardless....hope the Dover one can shape up and hold on. Thanks whs.

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      The word going around the office this morning is that the food quality has really gone downhill over the last few years.

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        I went to the Merrimack location a couple of years ago and never wanted to go back, so I can't say I am surprised by the news. I remember a large tacky room, teenage servers, plastic and paper untensils, mediocre food and a Whooping Bill!

    2. This is sad news. I went to the Newicks in South Portland weekly as a child. I only went to the Merrimack locale once. I didn't care for it at all. I figured that I had grown up and that eating with the masses in giant open room wasn't so fun any longer. Still, it's a little sad to see the places from your childhood close their doors for good.

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        I'm late to this thread kittychow but I've detested and resisted going to that S. Portland concrete monstrosity forever. My aunts & uncles couldn't understand why ambiance was more important than price to me when it came to enjoying seafood. They all love/loved it and so to me it's closing is another bittersweet sign of the passing of The Greatest Generation.

      2. TOO BAD !!! My favorite restaurant ! No one else makes fried lobster despite all the seafood restaurant in Maine !

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          Just in case you didn't notice, ckpkmk: this thread is from 2007. so it was a long while ago. :)

        2. There's always the Weathervane... ;)