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Apr 26, 2007 03:46 AM

Cha Sui Bao - Early morning 6:30am?

Is there anywhere to get cha sui bao early in the morning? Looking for a place between Chinatown and Beverly Hills...

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  1. Family Pastry on Spring Street across the street from CBS Seafood, but they open at 7:00am. I think most of the dim sum take out places in C Town open at 7am. You might try Lucky Deli near the corner of Broadway and Ord.

    Family Pastry
    715 N Spring St, Los Angeles - (213) 622-5255715 N Spring St, Los Angeles
    (213) 622-5255

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    1. re: monku

      I love the char siu baos (baked) at Family Pastry, my mom loves the chicken ones (steamed) too. But a few times I've gone early in the morning they haven't been as good. Like maybe they were a day old. I could've just been unlucky because most of the time they are SO good!

      1. re: bigtums

        I went the other day around 11, weak everything except, the Char Sui Boa. I did not like the sui mai or the har gow (very doughy). The hot dog could have been great, but dough was to soft. I love Empress, but for Sui Mai and Char siu boa on the fly, i like Won Kok or the place in the alley.

        1. re: bigtums

          I normally prefer steamed bao, but the baked char siu bao at Family Pastry are far superior. I also love the curry pork pastry. A few weeks ago, I got those and some har gao for an early morning train ride to San Diego.

      2. Won Kok might be open, sorry no address.

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          Just drove by Won Kok at 7:45am this morning after getting sui mai at Family Pastry and they weren't open.
          Won Kok Restaurant.
          210 Alpine St Los Angeles, CA 90012. (213) 613-0700.
          Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m

            1. re: Burger Boy

              I like it there-they do a pretty brisk take out business. They have tables there and most of the locals sitting there order the sweet bun and coffee before they go to work.

              I'll stop there once a week in the morning. Get a few shu mai for breakfast @35 cents each and eat them on the run. They are known for their baked char sui bao--big and loaded with char sui for I think 65 cents each. The gai bao (chicken bun) is good there-- a big steamed bun with chicken, hard boiled egg and other stuff inside and that's 85 cents, you could make a breakfast out of one of those.

        2. There is also the place in the alley by Phoenix Bakery. I can never remember the name.

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            Hong Kong Low Deli, I doubt they open before 7am.

          2. Dim Sum Express in Monterey Park opens at 7 a.m.

            6:30 a.m. is really pushing it.

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              There's a place about five doors east of Garfield and Garvey in MPK -- something like NHL (but I could just have the Stanley Cup playoffs on my brain and it's NHK or NHP or something) Express. Google is failing me utterly here. It's on the south side of Garvey, and if you get to Lincoln Ave you've gone too far.

              They were open and hopping at 6.40 AM yesterday. You can get baked cha shu bao as well as a lot of other normal dim sum items -- har gau and shu mai are in a steam cabinet which may hide other steamed items for all I know, and you can get very, very good jook.