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Apr 26, 2007 03:31 AM

Solo dining - DFW/San Antonio

Hi all. I'm travelling to Dallas and San Antonio (actually, I'm staying in Irving for the Dallas bit of my trip) this June, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for solo-traveller friendly restaurants at all? I eat pretty much anything, so I'm not so fussed about the sort of food, I'd just like to have a few names of places where I won't feel totally out of place eating by myself. Cheap is good, bue accessible by public transport is better (I can't drive).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well,I will have to think abit.Where are you staying by the way in San Antonio?
    I too am a solo dinner,but drive so I can go anywhere.There is Tomatillo's on Broadway,in the area of the Witte Museum.You could take the VIA Bus to get there.
    There are places like Schilo's Deli and various places on the River Walk which can be accessed by walking.If you are staying at the Marriot Riverwalk,there is a Denny's near by for breakfast.The hotel is right next to River Center Mall so you can go see a movie there and also the mall has a comedy club.
    Most of the places here in town are solo diner friendly.I have never had any problems.
    For anything off the River Walk area,you could take a cab.Contact the Chamber of Commerce or San Antonio visitor's center.They may also help you before you make your trip.

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      I'm staying on the Riverwalk when I'm in San Antonio, a cheap chain place, but I forget exactly which - I'm only there for one night, so is there anywhere that I 'should' visit?

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        Only one night,then your best bet is just hang around the River Walk area.
        You can go to the River Center Mall and see a movie or go to the comedy club.You can also go see the Alamo and the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum right across the street.There is Zuni Grill,the Naked Iguana,and various other places to eat.Also Jim Cullum and his jazz Band play on the River Walk,but I don't recall where.I rarely go downtown,especially the River Walk.But there are shops that sell mexican jewlery and other things you could buy as gifts.
        Like I said check with the San Antonio Visitors Burea for information on things to do in the area you will be staying in.

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          Jim Cullum plays at The Landing, which is on the ground level of the Hyatt
          Regency on the Riverwalk.

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      1. Boudro's on the Riverwalk.

        1. Mr. Max is prob a great Japanese restaurant in Irving that is good for solo dining. I have been a few times and seen solo diners there. It is a tiny restaurant with good food and good atmosphere, and the later it gets the more people there are. A lot of Japanese customers so I guess you can't go wrong there.
          It is located on Belt Line near the 183 freeway. I am sure you get there by bus, but since I drive so I don't know the details.

          1. San Antonio solo dining... I wholeheartedly second the Boudro's ( recomendation (it is the only place I would recomend eating on the Riverwalk); my "meal" of choice there is a prickly pear margarita, guacamole (honestly, the best guac ever) and black and white soup. Schilo's is not on the Riverwalk, but is just upstairs and is another great option. Taking the bus or a quick cab ride to King William District would be worthwhile, and there I recomend Mad Hatter's ( or breakfast at Guenhter House ( for food (and there is great shopping and sightseeing). I have eaten solo only at Mad Hatter's, but I think they're all single friendly.