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homemade candybar alternatives?

I make one mean peanut butter cup. better than the original, i think...anyone have any alternatives of your own?

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  1. Nothing of my own but now I want your recipe for the PB cup. :)

    1. I make a 'power bar', does that count? Steel cut oats, figs, etc. Crunchy goodness.

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        can we get the peanut butter cup and the power bar recipe's please?

      2. I make mallowmars, ring dings and my interpretation of a "take 5" bar. I'd love to figure out a butterfinger! I also make the poor mans version of a baby ruth bar (the recipe is bountiful on the internet).

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          Do yourmallowmars use marshmallows or some alternative? I only ask because I don't use gelatin/eat marshmallows but could totally see how a homemade version of this cookie could use either some sort of gelatin-less homemade mixture, or something like marshmallow cream, which would be great for me. Can you post your recipe? Thanks!

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            can you give me your recipe for the take 5 bar??? searching desperately, need to make it tonight!

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              The interior crunchy part of a butterfinger reminds me of that candy called "seafoam". You make with baking soda and vinegar. Of course then you need the flavoring.. which is what brickle?

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                Butterfinger is peanut butter flavored.

            2. There's a snickers-like bar in "Baking from My Home to Yours" that I've really been wanting to try... the picture looks fantastic. I made the peanut butter cup recipe on epicurious for my FIL, because he is a huge Reese's fan- I was really happy with the results, the filling was very creamy.

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                Now I have GOT to try this and soon!

              2. I make chocolate, nut topped toffee....boil equal parts brown sugar & butter together for three or four minutes. Pour over a foil-lined baking pan spread with saltine crackers and pop into a 350 oven until all of the crackers float. Remove from the oven and sprinkle choc. chips evenly over the whole thing. Wait until the chips turn glossy, spread choc with a knife, then sprinkle on chopped nuts of your choice. Once the candy cools completely, cut into rough squares and store in an airtight container.

                1. I have made homemade turtles. Top pecans with homemade simple caramel (butter, sugar, cream) on wax paper, refrigerate until frozen then pour on melted dark chocolate and refrigerate or freeze until hard.

                  So good.


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                    Could I trouble you for your caramel recipe? I've been working on perfecting turtles and have had problems with the caramel. I'll add yours to the to try list if you have the chance to post it. Thanks.

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                      I actually use the caramel recipe that went along with these bars:

                      The bars are great too btw.


                  2. I have a client who gives about four parties a year in the restaurant. Regardless the season, she insists that I re-create the chocolate-dipped strawberries I did for her daughter's birthday years before. Well, we don't have a pastry chef and we don't have a pastry/candy kitchen so I have to do this myself.

                    However, the staff knows that I'll be melting huge bricks of good chocolate and tempering it... so they show up with all manner of other stuff to be dipped once we're done with the 'berries. We love to do jelly candy (not gummi candy; real jellies), the ubiquitous caramel and caramel/sesame nougat candies, all kinds of fruit including lychees (one of my favorites is to soak the lychees in booze, first).

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                        With lychee nuts, cognac. My friend N suggested next time we use good rum. Mmmm.

                      1. amyzan taught me to make green tea white chocolate almond butter cups. They are OUTSTANDING.

                        Pics here:

                        By the way, the whole candy thread where amyzan posted her recipe has LOTS of other great ideas for the cruisin'!

                        1. I have made peppermint patties, using this recipe, that were wonderful: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                          Don't let the filling warm up too much before cutting them out (make it ahead and refrigerate). Use peppermint oil instead of extract to get that "cool" sensation - extract doesn't give a real peppermint patty flavor. It's fun to do shapes, like hearts for Valentine's Day.