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Apr 25, 2007 10:38 PM

Quick Dinner for two in Monterey Park/San Gabriel

Looking for a quick dinner for two in Monterey Park/San Gabriel for tomorrow night. I just need something that will give me a break from sitting in traffic for a little while. I just don't want to wait to get a table and want fairly quick service.

We love all types of food.


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  1. Nothing quicker than Kang Kang Food Court in Alhambra (corner of Valley Blvd. & Garfield--couple doors down from Starbucks) Free parking in the rear...OK to park where the striped area says "No Parking"...ask the security guard or sometimes in front on Valley Blvd..

    Walk up to the counter and order. Different regional Chinese foods. Dumplings, soups, noodle dishes, combination rice plates. Specialty items like their pan fried bao and xio long bao. They deliver to your table with a pot of hot tea.

    Kang Kang Food Court
    27 E Valley Blvd
    Alhambra, CA 91801

    1. Vietnamese food usually is pretty fast. It's the wait at places like Golden Deli that could take awhile though I'm positive other Chowhounders can give recommedations other than Golden Deli,

      1. just go up to monterey park steak house and sit at the bar over looking the traffic on the fwy 10 with few drinks and aptzer