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Apr 25, 2007 09:44 PM

The Ginger Pad in Burlington, I love it.

I've gone to the Ginger Pad in Burlington for lunch many times and I must say I really enjoy eating there. It's an quick service style restaurant where you order at the counter and they give you a number to sit anywhere in the dining room. The entree are served right to you. It's kind of like a Panera Bread style of restaurant, but you don't have to wait at the counter. The atomosphere is pleasant, not an upscale restaurant, but great for lunch, take out and small groups for dining at night, they even serve alcohol as well. Today, I tried the Singapore firecracker with chicken and it was awesome. It has fresh vegetables (tomato for this dish) and it had a great tangy twist to the sauce. I usually get the Korean bbq beef bowl, but ventured out and was very happy with it. The service was friendly and the manager often comes around to see how everything is. The manager told me that they are going to be offering sushi in the next couple of months. Apparently, they are going to build a sushi bar in there. Looking forward to see how the sushi will be. I think this restaurant is the best option in the area for asian food especially when the price ranges from $6 to $10.

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  1. I second your comments. I have eaten lunch here numerous times and this it is good food at a good price. You certainly get plenty to eat. I think there is a Fresh City next to the Ginger Pad and they too have noodle dishes, but they don't have anywhere near as large a portion, and much less choice. I especially like that Ginger Pad makes everything to order so that if you do not like something in one of their dishes, you can get it without it.

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      You are right about the portion size with the dishes, there so much food that I can't always get the great appetizers like crab rangoons unless my co workers share some with me.

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        I find that Ginger Pad's food tastes like Asian fast food, and prepared without real love or a since of responsibility. I can tolerate it once a month. But then again, I prefer mom & pop places.

        Definitely give New Jang Su BBQ Korean Restaurant in Burlington a try.

    2. They have screwed up my take-out order a couple of times there so I'm hesitant to go back. In my opinion the food is really nothing to write home about, but considering the area and the lack of other option (more specifically, authentic options) it will do. It's 10x better than Fresh City which I abhor.

      If you work/live in that area another good find is Servizio. It's across from Wayside Commons on Rt 3 in an office building. Nothing about the store front says restaurant so it's kind of deceiving, but the place is a gem. Great sandwiches piled on with Boars Head meat, excellent take-out entries (raviolis, crab-stuffed sole, etc.) and decent sandwiches. Definitely worth a shot as there are few good sandwich options in the area other than Panera.