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Casual dinner near South Street Seaport

I did a search but couldn't come up with anything recent.

I'm looking for a nice but casual dinner spot within walking distance of the Seaport. Any cuisine goes as long as it's veggie-friendly. Less than $15 per entrée, please. Even better if it's open late because I'll be going there after work (I get out around 9 p.m.) and I don't want to be rushed.


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  1. That area is a culinary desert, especially for vegetarians. You are basically on Wall St. - it's all meat and potatoes. Why not take a 5min. cab ride to Tribeca? Lots of options there.

    1. Right on the main drag near the seaport (across from the Abercrombie store, if that tells you anything) there is a Mexican restaurant/bar called Red. The food is eh and it's expensive and sometimes crowded with tourists and/or the after-work crowd.

      That being said, you can sit outside on the huge patio and watch people go by, and they do, I believe, serve vegetables. And it's open late I think. (Probably isn't vegan friendly, though.)

      I'm not sure I whole-heartedly "recommend" Red, but it is there and it is casual. Haha.

      1. Zen Palate just opened up a location on John Street. Definitely veggie friendly and casual.

        1. Do the veggie-seeking folks eat fish or no fish? I haven't been in a couple of years, and a recent report said the atmosphere had changed, but Jeremy's Ale House used to serve some really spectacular fried seafood (greasy calamari and clams and oysters and things). You won't have any other options but some sort of fried offering from the sea, but it's fun. It's SUPER casual, maybe too casual? Real bare bones bar, with lots of flat screen TVs showing every conceivable televised sporting event.

          That being said, there is supposed to be some seriously good, hole-in-the-wall Indian food somewhere near there...but I'll be damned if I've been able to find it!

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          1. Actually, in today's New York Post there is an article discussing the new "restaurant row" along Front Street adjacent to the South Street Seaport. Here is the link which recommends numerou srestaurants in the area.


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              Thanks, I forgot about Dodo. I'll check the hours.

              Otherwise, I guess we can always hit Tribeca...

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                Have you or anyone else been to DoDo lately? I haven't been in ages. Last I went they had simple, organic food. More of a lunch place. Their soups were good. Good karma and vibe (like Jack's).

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                Il Brigante, mentioned in the Post story, has gotten some hound love ... http://www.chow.com/digest/2405

                So has Suteishi, as I recall.

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                  Il Brigante is okay. It's more of a lunch or tourist place. Go with the salads, pizza or pasta. My favorite lunch place in the area is Table Tales. Jeremy's is a local favorite but it has the ambience of a frat house. Go to Meade's which they also own. Meade's just got their cafe license and you can sit outdoors with views of the Bridge and Woolworth building.

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                    The sushi place is good. And they just lowered their prices.

                    . . .Just got back from lunch at the sushi place. Had the grilled eggplant w/miso and 2 pieces of barbecue eel sushi. Yummy. Might be the way to go.

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                      See recent threads on Il Brigante. I think the hound love affair may be over . . .

                      SUteiShi is very good. One of the better eateries in Seaport North (there aren't many, even though some are proclaiming this area a restaurant row!). Some of my favorites are eel and miso grilled eggplant. Lychee ice cream is nice (need to do a taste test w/Chinatown Ice Cream Factory version). They just lowered their prices. Contemporary decor, nice ambience (candles at night), quiet, v. good service, wall opens so on a nice day it's like eating outdoors and you have views of the B. Bridge.

                  2. They just opened a zen palate on john street - about two blocks from the seaport - Im not sure of the pricing but I know its great veggie friendly food!

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                      Jeremys Ale House. Front and Dover sts. Great beer specials and lots of fresh seafood.

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                        FYI, Jeremy's moved. They are now on Front between Beekman and Peck Slip.

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                        Have you been yet? I need to try it. Thought I'd wait until they get the kinks out.

                      3. You can try Quartino.

                        Food is "simple" and "pleasant." Not sure that it warrants more words than that.

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                          I thought Quartino closed that outpost.

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                            Quartino is now Acqua. Still a local favorite and also has outdoor seating.

                        2. Paris Cafe (actually more an Irish Pub) on South St. about 2 blocks north of the Seaport. Fish, etc. available.

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                            Barbarini (Italian) is more of a lunch/take out place. It's SUPER casual but they do have a few tables (candles at night). They should be open after 9 PM. Meets the $15 requirement. It's also Italian and has some non-meat choices. I always forget about Buon 'Amici (Italian) near The Paris (their kitchen is open until 2AM). With careful ordering might meet your $15 entree parameter. I go to Carmine's (very good soft shell crabs almondine when in season, their linguini with white clam sauce is also popular), short on ambience long on history (used to be open 24 hours), food is okay. Acqua and Buon 'Amici are better. The new sushi place is pretty good. We support the locals but also walk West for better restaurants!

                          2. carmine's italian on beekman and ... can't remember cross streat. decent italian and seafood, right across from the seaport. vegetarians can always get something at an italian place.

                            1. Stella Maris just opened (entrees $14-$22, app &/or raw bar dinner would be less) and I haven't been yet. I think I saw at least one post on this site. Belle de Jour (replaced Radio Mexico) but entrees are more in the $20 range. Both of these are new and higher end (but less than Bridge and Mark Joseph). There is also Nelson Blue. NB might work. It's more casual/pub like (more upscale than The Paris) with only a few tables. I have heard mixed things about their food and have not gone yet. Too new, I like to wait awhile.