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Apr 25, 2007 08:54 PM

Family Dumpling in Sunset Park?

Hey guys - there have been some threads that mention this place, in Sunset Park, somewhere in the 40's around 8th Ave, called Family Dumpling, but I can't seem to get a nail on exactly WHERE it is. Can anyone help me out?

And if you like the place, recommend which dumplings are stellar? Or, if there's somewhere else that you think trumps Family Dumpling, let me know? I'm on a mission!


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  1. Here's a digest item from August that gives contact info for Family Dumpling (it's actually in a not very commercial stretch of 7th Avenue) plus links to the original Chowhound threads ...

    And a more recent digest item with more Chinese tips from Sunset Park ...

    1. at f.d., my favorite dumplings are the ones meant for frying rather than steaming. they are longer as opposed to a more rounded shape.

      the shop i like the most so far is one in flushing, off of main street. i don't know the name or exact address, but it's around the corner from the starbucks.

      1. Hello.
        There's a place just South of 8th Avenue (about 20 feet) at 48th Street. The Pork dumplings are swell--as is anything else on the menu.

        1. I think this is my first time replying to a Chowhound post with a negative comment, but in this case it's warranted. I trekked out to Sunset Park for a food expedition about 6 months ago, and made a special stop at Family Dumpling. Maybe it was a poor order on my part (vegetable dumplings to eat-in), but they were repulsive. Not only was the flavor terrible, the cook boiled and overcooked them, causing the dumplings to burst open. Instead of making a new batch, the surly counter guy scooped the watery slop and bits of mashed dumpling skins into a styrofoam container and shoved it at me. Worst dumplings I've ever had, hands down, and terrible service. Avoid at all costs-- they've clearly gotten puffed up on past compliments...

          1. We stopped by Family Dumpling this past Saturday to check them out. They offer 10 pork and chive dumplings for $2, the same price as Prosperity Dumpling on Eldridge St. Unfortunately that's where the comparison ends. The dumplings had a thicker skin than you'd like and because they had been sitting around for awhile in spots the skin was dried out. They were definitely sub par. Next time we'll hit Ba Xuyen for a bahn mi instead.

            The visit was enlivened when the woman at the counter served me the dumplings and quoted me a price of $8 for the dumplings and a Snapple. I pointed out that the dumplings themselves were only $2 and I didn't think the Snapple cost $6. Her partner than corrected her - the Snapple was $1.50 and the total was $3.50. I'm sure it was an innocent mistake caused by the fact that she didn't speak English very well but if you go you may want to keep this in mind.

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            1. re: Bob Martinez

              Perhaps not so innocent. I too found the dumplings thicker and also noted the dry spots on the outside. I also got a drink, was asked for $6 and had to point out the mistake. Although I was both polite and smiling when I asked for a corrected total, I recieved no response and a sullen look. Since there are too many other choices to have that type of experience and most of the restaurants have friendly staff. I won't be going back there anytime soon. :-{

              1. re: Tay

                If they're going to cheat people successfully they need to get more clever about it. A $6 Snapple? Ha!

                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  So why aren't you guys going to Kai Feng Fu on 48th St. (just east of 8th ave)?
                  #1 is always fresh and ready to go, perfect as you wait for a delectable choice from the many steamed ones: pork and leek (of course), pork and celery (top choice), pork and shrimp (good!), chicken and mushhroom (that'll be my next to try but the wife doesn't like mushrooms). Yesterday I had the House Special Bun, 8 big guys for $4. They look more like soup dumplings but simply featured double the pork (and some scallion) of the various steamed dumplings. Not super amazing, but quite hearty without being as doughy as the larger standard fried/steamed dumpling shop buns.

                  I also recommend working through their noodle soups. Nothing mind blowing but very slurpy wheat noodles and plenty of meat. The "sesame pancake" is all right, but the beef version is not so good - none of the yummy cilantro and carrot mixture you get at places like Vanessa's (Dumpling House on Eldgridge).

                  Anyway, right now they're plenty busy but not yet at the point that they're frying to many #1 before hand like Vanessa's. I don't like having less and less chance of freshly finished dumplings!

                  1. re: noisejoke

                    I'll be sure to check this place out. Thanks! Sounds pretty yummy.

                    1. re: noisejoke

                      I actually really like their sesame pancake and beef. Its enjoyable as itself (Ive never had the veg-pickle filled version and it could be easily replicated at home or maybe Ba Xuyen could provide some pickles.

                      the long fried dumplings at this place are very good, and all of their varieties can be bought frozen for takeout. Prices are very cheap.

                      1. re: jen kalb

                        Thanks Jen. I'll give the beef another try. I'm sure you know how the pancake is always best when fresh. I think I got an older slice and some gnarly gristled beef. I did have some bread by itself this weekend and it was crispy outside and light inside.

                        But everyone's gotta try the Pork and Celery steamed dumpling!

                      2. re: noisejoke

                        "So why aren't you guys going to Kai Feng Fu on 48th St. (just east of 8th ave)?"

                        Probably because of so many overly enthusiastic reviews of Family Dumpling. We'll give Kai Feng Fu a try.