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Apr 25, 2007 08:04 PM

Best bar for Bourbon?

Two fiends in search of the best bar for Bourbon selection in NYC.
Black maple hill among others.

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  1. The Brandy Library should satisfy, though they really shine in the scotch department.

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    1. re: snaporaz

      he's right...brandy library rules. i usually drink scotch there and ethan, the liquor sommelier has a huge list of rare and small batch bottles.

    2. Not the greatest lists, but I know that
      Blue Smoke:
      and The Whiskey Ward:
      have good selections.
      Still have yet to find find anything like Old Glory in Washington, DC, or just being in Louisville.

      1. Palais Royale is the best place for bourbon without a doubt, although atmosphere can be lacking. DBA is pretty good as well, especially if anyone wants anything else (scotch, beer, other liquors, etc).

        1. Thank you all for the help. Brandy library and Palais royal do not open till late afternoon or early evening. Can anyone suggest another great Bourbon spot midtown area that is open in the afternoon?

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          1. re: pulled pork

            dba opens at 1pm and has an excellent bourbon selection. it's not in midtown, but it's a 10-minute cab ride.

            they also have great selections of bottled beer, tap beer, scotch, and tequila. it's a pretty unpretentious place though.

            41 1st Avenue (between 2nd and 3rd Streets)