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Dinner for 10 in WV/Meatpacking/Chelsea

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I need some help. I am looking for a restaurant where I can get a reservation for 10 this saturday night that would be fun for a party of 30 something women. The rest of the evening is taking place in the Meatpacking district, so I was thinking meatpacking district, west village or chelsea. Thank you for any help.

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  1. A group of 10 is tricky with Saturday being so close and those neighborhoods being so popular, but it can be done.
    What type of food are you looking for? Budget?

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      if you are willing to eat on the late side maybe 9/9:30 you can probably get in somewhere easier... for 10 off the top of my head these rooms may work in the nabes you listed

      spice market
      crispo(maybe in the back)

    2. Agave in the West Village is very accomodating and have FANTASTIC margaritas!

      1. if your flexible as to time, you may be able to take one of the larger tables at buddakan or matsuri

        1. Try Fig and Olive in the Meatpacking District. I have only been in the Upper East Side location and it is quite good. I heard the space downtown is big and it's relatively new, so you may be able to get a table.
          They have a webpage: http://www.figandolive.com/

          1. Markt just re-opened in a new location, and I think people are still catching on. It's old spot on 14th and 9th was my place of choice for large groups, the new location is a fraction of the size of the old place, but because it opened so recently you may have an easier time of scoring a reservation. It's now on 6th Ave and 21st. If you're not familiar it's a Belgian bistro.

            Another idea would be Boqueria on 19th between 5th & 6th. They don't take reservations for parties less than 6, so you may be in luck if they don't have other large parties who've reserved. The space is kind of tiny, and it's a crush to get in, but once you're seated it's great. I was there last Thursday and thought that there was no way my friends and I would get seated quickly, and lo and behold the second the last person in my party stepped out of a cab, there was a table for us. Great festive atmosphere, wonderful and knowledgable and prompt service, delicious tapas, stellar wine list, fantastic cheeses, and ohmygosh the churros and hot chocolate dessert is my new favorite dessert in the City.

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              Try Pastis and ask if there's room at the big table.

              Also thinking of Barbuto.

              Good luck

              - Sean

            2. No way you'll get that many into Buddakan this late. Maybe if you'll take a midnight reservation...
              Agree with Agave rec. Maybe Miracle Grill? (southwestern food on Bleecker) Or the Village (bistro on W 9th). If you're not after great food, maybe someplace like the Cowgirl (Hudson)

              1. Alta- beautiful space and lots of med-styled "tapas" that people can share. You can order the whole menu which is fun for a big group.

                Gradisca- solid Italian, nice service. (West 13th)

                Malatesta- Gradisca's cheaper sibling. (Washington St.)

                Blue Ribbon on Carmine St.- new american, classics and adventurous stuff.

                Do Hwa- Korean on Carmine- red walls, nice sake selection, good for groups.

                Paris Commune- If you can't get a reservation anywhere, try this place. a nice big, room, French bistro. (Bank St.)


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                  Chelsea Ristorante on 8th Avenue and 16th street is a great Italian place. Tons of delicious food, friendly staff, and I'm sure they will be extra nice to a table of such lovely ladies. The have a lot of big tables that they can pull together. I have seen them squeeze a group that size with no problems. Just a thought...good luck!