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Apr 25, 2007 07:15 PM

best steak frites in Philadelphia?

That's the question. Thanks.

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  1. Brasserrie Perrier. you're welcome.

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    1. re: brightman

      Correct answer... with a nice cold Kronenberg !

      1. re: phillyjazz

        With Blue Angel as a runner-up, except, sigh, it no longer exists. Damn you, Stephen Starr.

        1. re: phillyjazz

          they serve kronenberg at brasserie perrier? why has no one ever told me this?!?!?! argh! i haven't had it on draft for years....

        1. re: tuxedo

          steak and french fries (in the French style)

          1. re: tuxedo

            Steak Frites refers to a pan roasted steak and french fries usually with a meat based sauce and maitre'dhotel butter. The best steak frites was at the Blue Angel, steak frites really should be made with a hanger steak and must be done french style in a pan not the grill.
            The steak frites at Brasserie Perrier is just ok, it's a low grade new york strip and it is cheap but not very flavorful.

          2. caribou cafe does a nice job as well

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            1. re: productionjon

              Hanger steak is traditional, but I think that's just because the French don't know crap about steaks. They are without doubt masters of their own culinary tradition, but steak-frites-salade is generally no more a treat here than in Lyon. I'll take a low-grade strip over a no-grade hanger any day.

              Cafe' Notredame used to use flank, but his menu called it what is was .. "tough steak." He did serve twice-fried Belgian style frites which made the steak almost palatable.

              1. re: phillyjazz

                CUVEE Notredame. I pratically lived there from '95 - '01. I always enjoyed the tough steak. Kansas City Prime in Manayunk had a good one too (nice rich gravy on steak with allumette frites). Gone now as well.

            2. had a nice version at Matyson once, but not always on the menu- keep an eye out

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              1. re: pamd

                I'll second that. Truffle oil on the fries

                1. re: coolgeek

                  Matyson's version is superb. The steak is NY strip with truffled french fries. YUM.

              2. Bistro 7--organic ribeye, and thin, crispy, duck fat fries.

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                1. re: gina

                  Woh, woh, woh. Duck fat fires?!?!? How were those Gina? My mouth is watering....

                  1. re: JCap

                    They're the best fries I've ever had--all fries should be cooked in duck fat, I think.

                    1. re: gina

                      duck fat fries? I'm throwing my South Beach Diet book out the window. . .