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best steak frites in Philadelphia?

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That's the question. Thanks.

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  1. Brasserrie Perrier. you're welcome.

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      Correct answer... with a nice cold Kronenberg !

      1. re: phillyjazz

        With Blue Angel as a runner-up, except, sigh, it no longer exists. Damn you, Stephen Starr.

        1. re: phillyjazz

          they serve kronenberg at brasserie perrier? why has no one ever told me this?!?!?! argh! i haven't had it on draft for years....

        1. re: tuxedo

          steak and french fries (in the French style)

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            Steak Frites refers to a pan roasted steak and french fries usually with a meat based sauce and maitre'dhotel butter. The best steak frites was at the Blue Angel, steak frites really should be made with a hanger steak and must be done french style in a pan not the grill.
            The steak frites at Brasserie Perrier is just ok, it's a low grade new york strip and it is cheap but not very flavorful.

          2. caribou cafe does a nice job as well

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              Hanger steak is traditional, but I think that's just because the French don't know crap about steaks. They are without doubt masters of their own culinary tradition, but steak-frites-salade is generally no more a treat here than in Lyon. I'll take a low-grade strip over a no-grade hanger any day.

              Cafe' Notredame used to use flank, but his menu called it what is was .. "tough steak." He did serve twice-fried Belgian style frites which made the steak almost palatable.

              1. re: phillyjazz

                CUVEE Notredame. I pratically lived there from '95 - '01. I always enjoyed the tough steak. Kansas City Prime in Manayunk had a good one too (nice rich gravy on steak with allumette frites). Gone now as well.

            2. had a nice version at Matyson once, but not always on the menu- keep an eye out

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                I'll second that. Truffle oil on the fries

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                  Matyson's version is superb. The steak is NY strip with truffled french fries. YUM.

              2. Bistro 7--organic ribeye, and thin, crispy, duck fat fries.

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                  Woh, woh, woh. Duck fat fires?!?!? How were those Gina? My mouth is watering....

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                    They're the best fries I've ever had--all fries should be cooked in duck fat, I think.

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                      duck fat fries? I'm throwing my South Beach Diet book out the window. . .

                2. I had a delicious steak frites at Matyson as well. If it's on the menu I would definitely get it.

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                    I have to agree with Matyson as well. Last time I was there it was not on the dinner menu. The waitress told me it was available at lunch. Keep on asking for it at dinner and maybe they will bring it back.

                  2. I enjoy Brassierre as well. Rouge has great frites though as well. You could always get a great burger and frites at Monks though!