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Apr 25, 2007 07:14 PM

Steakhouse Lunch in Financial Districit WITHOUT Reservations

Where can I go for a steakhouse lunch in the financial district without reservations. I will be there for a job interview next week and afterwards would love to get a nice steak for lunch but I don't have any reservations. I am all alone so it is not like I have a huge group with me. I know there are some great steakhouses in the area like MarkJoseph, Bobby Vans, and Delmonico's but will they accept walk-ins on a Friday for lunch? Also is there any kind of dress code? I know some of these places also have a grill or bar area but don't know if they will serve you the full menu. If anything people tell me I can go to Les Halles but I would rather go to a more traditional steakhouse.

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  1. All the places you mention will let you walk in on a Friday for lunch. You can sit at the bar and have a nice steak and drink. No dress code restrictions.

    1. I like MarkJoseph the most about the 3 steakhouses you mentioned.

        1. Well, everything on Wall St. is a steak house... naturally. Harry's is a nice new expensive addition like another poster mentioned. Bull Run will also have steak, I'm sure. I've only been to Bobby Vans, and I found it underwhelming and it was very crowded. Les Halles is my favorite restaurant in this culinary desert by far, and I don't think you'll wait much if you walk in..

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            Like I said Les Halles is a place I want to try, but would prefer to go to a more traditional steakhouse. Also, I have heard mixed reviews about Les Halles. If I go I would order the steak frites..have you tried it? Also what was wrong with BV's? What did you order cuz I heard their bone in ribeye is amazing and they also have mac and cheese with lobster on the menu it sounds interesting....

            1. re: steakrules85

              Steak Frites is all I ever order there :-). Excellent steak, excellent fries, good portion - really good value for money, I think. The steak is somewhat thin, but the meat is good. At BV I had a burger (because I was there for lunch), and I've tried some people's steak sandwhich, and both were fine, but not excellent - especially not for the prices. I just don't think Wall St. crowd has a discerning taste when it comes to food (or anything else for that matter), so the restaurants don't try too hard.

              1. re: nokitsch

                I really tried to like the steak frites at Les Halles, but my experience there had been disappointing. The two times that I ordered steaks there were very dry, tough, and over-cooked. Therefore I decided to give up on steaks and les halles and only order mussels and lardon salad there. I actually enjoy their mussels very much.

                Since I have heard mixed reviews on steaks at Les Halles as well, it is probably a consistency issue. But if there are steakhouses around like MarkJoseph that could guarantee you a good piece of steaks 9 /10 times, why bother with Les Halles?

                1. re: kobetobiko

                  I've never been to MarkJoseph. Need to check it out.

                2. re: nokitsch

                  What is the difference between the Steak Frites and the Onglet at Les Halles..anyone know?

                  1. re: steakrules85

                    The onglet is a hanger steak. I forget exactly what cut their steak frites is but it definitely isn't the hanger. In case you've never had it before, hanger is a great steak but some people find it too chewy and livery tasting. I think its great and if I go to Les Halles, thats pretty much what I order.

                    1. re: ESNY

                      I've had hanger steak and I like it. But what is their classic? Is it the steak frites?

                      1. re: steakrules85

                        I think the steak frites at les halles is sirloin but I may be wrong...I've had both this and the onglet a few times. No real preference to be honest.The fries at Les Halles are excellent. But neither option was massively better than the other. Good, reasonably priced fare though.

                        However, this is typical french brasserie cooking...big difference from trad NYC steakhouse cut, quantity, and price.

            2. I know you can at Delmonico's. However, I am almost sure you can at Mark Joseph, and that would be my pick for the best steak amoing your choices.