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Apr 25, 2007 06:53 PM

Blue Hill

How is Blue Hill in the city? Any can't miss items? Thanks

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  1. i had one of the best meals of my life at blue hill during the winter. had a fantastic broccoli soup and an amazing roasted lamb. i highly recommend it.

    1. Blue Hill is a fantastic restaurant. I have been to many restaurants that try to be what Blue Hill is--a spotlight on the ingredients--but none really come close. Their menu changes often, as you might expect, and might already be unrecognizable from what it was a month or two ago. The sommelier there is great as well.

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      1. re: Mazzer

        I hope the menu does change frequently. Because my meal was 'just OK'. And I felt ignored by the servers. Absolutely unmemorable and expensive (for what I got).

      2. i ate there a few weeks ago and am dreaming about when i can return. it's incredible.

        1. I absolutely love Blue Hill. A must have to me is the Farm Egg with mushrooms en lettuce broth. Very different. Also the fish dishes are beautiful and very well executed. You can't go wrong there. Cheers

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            definitely the morning's Farm Egg with mushrooms and lettuce. the eggs (as do many of the veggies) come directly from their farm in westchester. so fresh, so good.

          2. (oops, this is Blue Hill at Stone Barns, didn't read carefully! Haven't been to the city location yet.)

            I recommend the tasting menu. I was there in winter and it does change seasonally.
            We had quite a few requirements at the table (I believe the whole table has to go in for it) But we had a vegetarian who ate fish, and a carnivore who eats everything BUT fish, and someone else who is allergic to all nuts. They were artfully able to accomodate us all. We had great service and a wonderful meal. I can wait to go back.