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Apr 25, 2007 06:52 PM

Reno - casual graduation lunch

My sister is graduating from UNR. She's invited various family members to the ceremony, and would like to have a casual lunch with them afterwards. She's expecting a total of about 30 people.

Can you help us think of a great restaurant for this? My sister is looking for something nice, but not pricey, since everyone will be paying their own way. Nothing too exotic, but it has to accommodate vegetarians. She wants everyone to be able to order off the full menu. If there is outdoor seating, that would be nice.

So far she has been interested in Cafe Bella Sera (too pricey) and Silver Peak Brewery (can't order off the full menu).

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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  1. I was going to suggest a Mexican restaurant called La Fuente in Sparks, but I don't think they have much for vegetarians other than maybe cheese enchiladas and beans and rice.
    Maybe the Indian restaurant at Vassar and South Virginia. I think the tables might be able to be pushed together. Janet, can you remember?
    Or is Indian too exotic?

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      Yes, I think the tables can be pushed together. But thirty is pushing it in terms of numbers (that would pretty much take over the restaurant)..although the buffet would be open at lunch at that's a good option (Their buffet is better than average...and lots of veggie options). And there is no outdoor seating. What about Voila Cafe? (see recent discussions on that...). A little pricey for lunch, but not horribly so, and good veggie options. But more of a soup and sandwhich place. They do have outdoor seating, and its close to UNR. (Although not everyone would fit in the outdoor seating...and when is graduation? I hear another snow storm might be coming next week!! Seriously!!!) . I noticed a new restaurant (Irish pub maybe?) either opened or will be opening on Virginia near the corner of California next door to the Starbucks. Will that be open yet? How about Blue Moon Pizza on California? Or the back deck at Blue Plate, also on California (ok salads and some greek dishes, and if they could reserve the back patio its just about right for 30....)? Bangkok Cuisine on Mt. Rose just off of Virginia St?? All of these would have vegetarian options, not be too expensive, and be close to UNR.......

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        PS: The Indian place is called India Kabob and Curry should you want to check it out......

    2. You know, last year my daughter had her swim team banquet at the Tamarack in South Reno. I know you're thinking, yuck - casino, but they did a really nice job and their outdoor patio has spectacular views of the Sierras. I think you may have trouble finding outdoor seating for 30, and they definitely can accomodate that. We have a set menu, but it might be worth a call to see if you can order off the menu. We also had a group of about 30 do a brunch there after Race for the Cure, and we did order off the menu. I can't think of any restaurants that fit the bill, but if I do, I'll be back!

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        That's not a bad suggestion, although its a bit of a drive from UNR (although Bay Area people would say "what drive?" "What are you talkng about?" :-)

        Another good possibility would be the back patio at Bertha's Mexican restaurant on Mill St across from the Auto Museum, and that is close to the University. They have decent food, good margaritas, and a festive atmosphere. (You might even get serenaded!) And their back patio is shaded, but nice in spring, and would accommodate 30 easily. Not a huge number of veggie options, but enough so that no one will go hungry.