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Bubby's Tribeca

Hi guys!!

I passed by Bubby's yesterday, that little place seemed interesting...Their menu looks yummy and prices are alright, have you eaten there before? Any recommendations?


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  1. love love love the choc chip pancakes and the ample amount of food each plate comes with. a must try.

    1. I work nearby and wind up at Bubby's for lunch (or post-lunch pie) every now and then.

      I haven't covered massive amounts of menu ground, but I've become a fan of the grilled ham and cheese sandwich, served on homemade white bread with pickles and mustard. I thought the smoked pork was pretty tasty, too. Certainly not a replacement for my Tennessee memories, and I wish the vinegar-based bbq sauce was actually a vinegar-based hot sauce, but a nice meal nonetheless.

      Sides-wise, I thought the hyped-up mac and cheese was horrible. Watery and flavorless, I could dig more cheese out from between my toes right now. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed the fried okra and pickled beets.

      Then there's the pie. I've tried all versions that have been offered over the last couple months, and they range from good (coconut cream) to great (chocolate meringue), with the sour cherry scoring as one of the best pieces of pie I've ever had.

      1. sounds like a try! will have lunch there this weekend before a screening @ tribeca film festival. thanks for the recommendations!

        1. Had dinner there the other night after a few midly successful brunches and found it to be down right awful.

          Chicken Fried Chicken was a thin batter piece of chicken that lacked seasoning and was served with a water gravy. Agreed with earlier poster that mac and cheese was downright awful. The only cheese in the dish is what they burnt on the top. Aside from that a very poor and watery attempt at a bechamel sauce where they left out the cheese.

          Enjoyed my brunches there, but from now on will walk right past the door.

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              I used to regularly when I worked in the neighborhood over 5 years ago. A few weeks back, a friend and I met there for old times sake for an early dinner before heading into Brooklyn to see a show,and after snotty treatment by the "I'm hipper than thou " hostess, we left, and they lost me as a customer. After reading these somewhat negative posts, I'm glad we didn't have to be subjected to the lackluster food after all that. We ended up at Lucky Strike, where we were accomodated at the odd hour, and had a good meal.

            2. Singularly the worst service i've ever had at a restaurant. Admittedly, we were a large party (15), but we got there at 12:30 and our food didn't arrive until 2:00. I had to go up to the bar just to get a drink.

              The good news is: they comped us for the whole meal. But they really need to rethink their wait staff. Major amounts of attitude, as if we were lucky they were bringing us our food. They just slammed the plates down on the table. We had to scrape the cobwebs off them ourselves.

              Until they get their wait staff in order, it's a definite pass. We were all too angry to render an objective opinion on the food.

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                That's a HUGE surprise. The servers are always spot on and totally solicitous.

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                  I'm also surprised- i go infrequently for brunch and our parties are between 4-8 people. Honestly i have a mimosa and pie for brunch there...:)

                2. Breakfast and brunch are amazing. It's a bit on the expensive side but the portions are massive.
                  I had Thanksgiving dinner at the High Line location. All I can say is YUMMY!!! A large portion of the tab goes to charity. A nice gesture!!
                  I have yet to try their midnight brunch.
                  It's one of the few places that has malteds and not just milk shakes. I love malteds!!

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                    I'll second the malteds. However, I do not like this place at all. It gets so much hype, and must be on a tourist list, because they line up and been doing so for a decade. When I do go , because they are open late, I get Fried Chicken, mac n cheese, chicken soup, usually. None are outstanding. The pies they are famous for, I don't like at all.
                    I did see they opened in the Meat Market area, I am sure they will do well there.