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Apr 25, 2007 06:38 PM

Greenville SC Mother's Day Brunch SOS

Help Chowhounds.

I am trying to decide between the following brunch options for Mother's Day:
High Cotton

Key factors are accomplished food (whether complicated or rudimentary), spot-on service and atmosphere conducive to conversation. I have not hit any of the above for brunch; however, it seems these are my likely contenders. If you were celebrating the woman who gave you life (no pressure), where would you go? I am certainly open to options outside of the above. I tend to prefer downtown yet am very open to anything that fits my "must-haves". For point of reference, last year we went to Mary's (Falls Cottage); service was very weak, food was above average, yet a general sense of disorganization prevailed. It is definitely OUT of consideration.


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  1. I've had a very disappointing (and somewhat expensive) brunch at Lattitude. That was a few years ago, I haven't been back. Can't speak to the other two.

    1. The last time I went to Sobe's was about 5 years ago - I'm from Columbia. However, we had a great dining experience for supper. It had a subdued atmosphere with pleasant music that allowed for great table conversations. The service was excellent, and the food was outstanding. The price tag fit the food and service. It's on the higher end of things, but I felt it was worth it. Dinner for 4, under $200 (including wine). I'd say Sobe's is a great choice for Mom.

      Another fav of mine downtown, however, is Betty Pearle's Bourbon St. Bordello. Not sure if it's still there, but it was right across Main Street from the Hyatt. Betty Pearle's was a bit more casual than Sobys, but great food with a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Maybe not perfect for Mom though ..:)

      1. Soby's would be my first choice out of the 3. Good atmosphere, good food, (typically) great service.

        I've heard nothing but service related gripes from High Cotton at this point. I'm sure the food will eventually shine, but if service is a concern, you may not want to do that one. Although, all service issues I've heard about come from the dinner crowd - maybe brunch is easier to manage?

        Outside of downtown, but outstanding, is Blue Fire Grill. Not much to look at on the outside, but the interior is really well done. Industrial-chic, floor to ceiling wine racks, communal tables in the bar area, sushi bar seating and open kitchen. They don't have a website, but it's located off of Woodruff, right next to Whole Foods. Extensive brunch menu (eggs, crepes, french toast, some really fine gouda grits, etc) and you can also order any item off of their regular menus (lunch, dinner, sushi). I've been there for brunch a couple of times and dinner several and the service has always been good.

        I agree with Latitude - I'd x that one out. The price for what you get is way out of proportion and service isn't always spot on.

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          I second the Blue Fire Grill...excellent! We have been 4 or 5 times and have never been disappointed. Food is very good and the service is tops. Beware of wait time though...can be up to 2 hours if you don't have reservations. They do have a website

          1. re: ap65065

            That's interesting about Blue Fire Grill. I have been tempted to try it since I understand Koji is there now, but gosh, their advertisements look so bad. A place that has every kind of pan-asion fusion + sushi scares me and now I hear they do grits? I hear what you're saying, that it's good....and good is good....but, can you give me a little more info about the food? Are the ads misleading? I looked at the website and they seem to have steak, penne w/ vodka sauce, wontons...can this all be good? Or is it merely the sushi that is good? I would appreciate your additional commentary.

            1. re: danna

              Danna - my BF is a marketing guy and we cringe everytime we see any marketing done by them (the billboards are horrible - the pictures of the food in the ads in all local write ups - YUCK).

              I've had sushi there - wonderful. Best in Greenville (head and shoulders above Sushi Murasaki and Tsunami) in my opinion. I never knew Koji before, but I had heard that he was the one running the show there. We always sit at the sushi bar and love the interaction with the chefs.

              As far as food, I've also had shrimp and grits, scallops, flank steak, asparagus app, a couple soups of the day (including a tortilla soup). All very good. The wood grilled shrimp app is excellent. I've been to brunch too - I had french toast, DC had seafood crepes, and BF has shrimp and grits. It's one of our "safe" options - we know it will be good.

              Trust me - the ads are unbelievably misleading. Someone really should tell them that.

              I think you will be pleasantly surprised. They are now open for lunch too if you don't want to go full out ($$) on dinner for your first time.

          2. Where'd you end up for Mother's Day?

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            1. re: dohdeelicious

              I went with High Cotton. The food was spot-on. The "High Cotton Steak and Eggs" (tenderloin medallions with Henry Bain sauce and two eggs) was the highlight as those who ordered this raved yet never offered to share a gratuitous bite. The "Vegetable Omelet" was a sublime mix of fresh veggies, perfectly accented by goat cheese. The "Braised Baby Back Ribs" were perfectly prepared, packed with sweet hickory flavor and were tender enough to be consumed with a knife and fork in ultimate Mother's Day fashion. The "White Chocolate Stuffed French Toast" was the only note of mediocrity. Amusingly, it is what I ordered; it ended up being a very bready affair, in the neighborhood of dry. A bright note, though, was a very well executed sabayon.

              I expected the food to deliver but the biggest surprise was the very strong service. Our server was professional and attentive, with a delightful personality but not overwhelmingly so. I was completely prepared for somewhat "off" service yet High Cotton totally delivered. Actually, our brunch represented some of the best service I have enjoyed in Greenville. It is refreshing to have a pro server.

              We had a late reservation of 1:30pm for a party of 8. High Cotton was completely and astutely prepared for the Mother's Day crowd. I feared this late seating would compromise our experience; however, that was not the case. I sleep better at night knowing exactly where we will be heading for Mother's Day 2008!

              Great job High Cotton.

              1. re: snocat

                Wow. Now I'm confused. My CEO and CFO do the expensive downtown stuff a lot, and they have both said High Cotton was a big disappointment, specifically mentioning that the service was poor and the food was OK but not worth the price or hassle. I guess I'll try it for brunch.

                Any of you Greenvillians been to the new Brazillian steakhouse in the West End?