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Apr 25, 2007 06:20 PM


Okay, I've been up and down this board for days, trying to pick just the right food thing to do on my birthday -- May 12 (actually on the 14th, but who wants to celebrate on a Monday?)....

I'm not committed to having dinner somewhere - I'm also partial to the idea of drinks somewhere and then have 'take out' at home... I just don't know.

Where would you go if you were turning 35 and just needed to release some stress with hubby and mom...?

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  1. Happy (Early) Birthday to a fellow Taurus!

    I like Tabule. If I was in town for my birthday this year, that is where I would go.

    1. 35 is a bit of a milestone (my most recent birthday too!)... what about cocktails at the Four Seasons (my mom likes the Seasons), then you can go to whole foods or Pusateri's (depending on timing) and build a take-out picnic?

      Of course this may be entirely the wrong vibe for your evening - if you can provide more info on what you're into I'll try to give it some more thought...

      And happy birthday-

      1. I'm guessing that you would probably like a little fuss and attention, as anybody would on their Bday. From south to north, here are some suggestions:

        South: Cocktails on the patio at Pure Spirits in the Distillery, followed by dinner downtown at either Boiler House (distillery, live jazz), Biagio (old world Italian on King, or Perigee (tasting menu, if you do the wine pairings, take a taxi). To really get the evening started, you could go to SOMA Chocolate for the Mayan hot chocolate before cocktails.

        Midtown: Drinks at the top of the Park Plaza, followed by dinner at dinner at Imperia on Yorkville (owner is one of the most solicitous hosts in TO), or Joso's on Davenport.

        North: Call ahead and let Fat Cat on Eglinton know it's your Bday and what you like, and I'm sure they would do an interesting tasting menu, or downstairs at Centro does a varied menu (sushi and dim sum as well as the regular menu with live jazz in a great environment.

        Or go to Dinah's on Mount Pleasant and leave the work to them, and put your feet up.

        1. I'm turning 35 this year too. What a great number!

          I haven't been, but I've heard good things about Sopra, above Mistura. It's more loungey than downstairs, I believe.

          I also like Snarf's Distillery combo idea.