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Good eats near the Wang Theater?

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Going to a show tomorrow night at the Wang and looking for good eats for a classy group of people beforehand...any suggestions near the theater?

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  1. Troquet is good, albeit a bit expensive for what you get. Teatro is very good. You could always do the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons.

    1. Many suggestions here:


      1. Flemings for steak, leagal for fish, maggianos for italian, PF chang for chineese

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          I went to Teatro again this past Friday and the food was excellent. Great pastas, my father had an excellent pork chop, drinks were spot-on (though a bit pricey), and the antipasto for 2 is exceptional. Close walk to the Wang as well.

          1. re: heWho

            Just about to call and make reservations for Teatro this evening. Thanks for the suggestions!

            1. re: jalapenopopper

              That's great! Have fun and enjoy.... make sure you get the antipasto!

              And as another suggestion, if your party is up for it, we ordered a bunch of small plates of pasta and shared. It was like eating Italian style tapas... my favorite!

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            Myself, I'd take a serious pass on Flemings, PF Chang's, and Maggiano's if it's truly good food you're after. I'll heartily second The Bristol, Teatro, Troquet, and Legal Seafoods, plus suggest Montien (Thai) or a jaunt into nearby Chinatown, where folks who want a non-grotty and good spot could try Penang (Malay) or East Ocean City (Chinese).

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              My only issue with the Bristol Lounge is that the service can be really shoddy...no excuse for that in a hotel of that calibur.

          3. I would also agree with skipping the chains, with the exception of legal which shouldnt even count as a chain. If you are adventerous eaters definitely go to Panang (also a chain, actually). Excellnet, unique, wonderful food.