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Apr 25, 2007 06:00 PM

Good eats near the Wang Theater?

Going to a show tomorrow night at the Wang and looking for good eats for a classy group of people beforehand...any suggestions near the theater?

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  1. Troquet is good, albeit a bit expensive for what you get. Teatro is very good. You could always do the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons.

      1. Flemings for steak, leagal for fish, maggianos for italian, PF chang for chineese

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        1. re: memc

          I went to Teatro again this past Friday and the food was excellent. Great pastas, my father had an excellent pork chop, drinks were spot-on (though a bit pricey), and the antipasto for 2 is exceptional. Close walk to the Wang as well.

          1. re: heWho

            Just about to call and make reservations for Teatro this evening. Thanks for the suggestions!

            1. re: jalapenopopper

              That's great! Have fun and enjoy.... make sure you get the antipasto!

              And as another suggestion, if your party is up for it, we ordered a bunch of small plates of pasta and shared. It was like eating Italian style tapas... my favorite!

          2. re: memc

            Myself, I'd take a serious pass on Flemings, PF Chang's, and Maggiano's if it's truly good food you're after. I'll heartily second The Bristol, Teatro, Troquet, and Legal Seafoods, plus suggest Montien (Thai) or a jaunt into nearby Chinatown, where folks who want a non-grotty and good spot could try Penang (Malay) or East Ocean City (Chinese).

            1. re: bachslunch

              My only issue with the Bristol Lounge is that the service can be really excuse for that in a hotel of that calibur.

          3. I would also agree with skipping the chains, with the exception of legal which shouldnt even count as a chain. If you are adventerous eaters definitely go to Panang (also a chain, actually). Excellnet, unique, wonderful food.