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Apr 25, 2007 05:27 PM

Special Occasion - where?

My wife's 50th birthday. So - somewhere really nice, reliable. We're on the Westside but anywhere in the general area (from the ocean to downtown, say.) We like Melisse but have been there enough - something of that ilk would be good. Stately and romantic beats wild and hip. A lovely setting and fantastic chow. Price not an object.

The hounds know all!

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  1. capo. fantastic burrata salad, great fire grilled meats and a killer wine list.

    1. providence - tasting menu
      spago on the patio - tasting menu

      1. Josie on Pico might be a good selection. Understated, elegant decor and creative, very fresh ingreidents. There have been a lot of excellent reviews of Providence, Hatfields and Grace. If you would like to do something with much more unusual food then one of the Asian fusion places like Celadon in West Hollywood and finally there is the reliable Spago or their hot new steakhouse within the Spago family, Cut - also in Beverly Hills.

        1. Michaels is an option, I second Josie (ask for a booth). Abode has had some positive feedback. I haven't been, but I've heard La Botte is romantic and $$.

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              I second ipsedixit's ideas: Valentino or Saddle Peak Lodge.

              1. re: brandygirl

                Ditto! Saddlepeak is one of my favorite restaurants, and it has outstanding service (they bring my gimlet to the table in its own mini-shaker, & serve it up there; it's those little details that add up to a lot). Have only been to the Valentino in Vegas, but I'm sure the LA one is as good or better...