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Apr 25, 2007 05:26 PM

Overnight in Elora - where to eat?

Anything goes. I've never been there before - would love some suggestions.

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  1. I had a really nice lunch in a cute cafe there once. I can't remember its name (sorry), but it is on the main street, has charming mis-matched furniture, and is very reasonably-priced. I think all the food is vegetarian.

    1. You will be right between two fairly good high end places (if that is what you're looking for). The Millcroft Inn near Alton is very good, with a good wine list. South of Kitchener, Langdon Hall has both a high end restaurant as well as a good pub menu (burger with a slice of foie gras).

      Closer to town, I've heard good things about the Elora Mill, which has both a high end and bistro menu, but haven't tried it yet. If nothing else, it's scenic enough to stop for a beverage.

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        I was out there last summer. The Elora Mill had a great menu but I was overruled by my girlfriend.
        We ended up at Baileys. Food was good. Much better than I expected. And the wine list is a joke. Not for what's on it, but what they charge.Very low markups.

        1. re: industry worker

          Sounds like Bailey's might be just the ticket. We're looking for good food, wine and nothing too posh. Will tell you how it went - thanks!