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Krispy Kreme flavors you like?

We had an event today where there was an assortment of Krispy Kreme donuts. Normally I only get the glazed or the maple glazed but today I went for something different and got a filled donut that tasted like lemon cream pie. It had crumbles on top that tasted like graham cracker crust and a tangy cream filling. I went online and found that it was the key lime flavor. It was pretty good, good enough to get again.

What flavors do you guys like?

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  1. Plain glazed, chocolate glazed, raspberry filled and sour cream.

    1. Unfortunately, all of them BUT

      There was one called key lime that was great. Don't know if it is still around.

      Plain glazed
      Chocolate glazed
      Raspberry filled
      Lemon filled
      Chocolate iced custard filled

      1. the "kreme" filled (not the custard) is great. It's kind of a guilty pleasure because it's definitely not even remotely related to any sort of cream, but it's got this tangy flavor that I just love now and then. And one is definitely enough.

        1. I don't generally like anything but the regular old glazed ones, but the pumpkin ones are outstanding! They were supposed to be the donut of the month for November last year, but they had them four months later, so maybe you can get them anytime- I'm not sure.

          1. Every single one of them.

            Glazed cinnamon
            Chocolate iced glazed
            Chocolate iced glazed w/ spinkles
            Chocolate iced cream filled
            Dulce de leche
            Chocolate iced custard filled
            Glazed raspberry filled
            Glazed lemon filled
            Glazed cruller
            Maple iced glazed
            Cinnamon bun
            Cinnamon twist
            Cinnamon apple filled
            Powdered blueberry filled
            Glazed creme filled
            Powdered strawberry filled
            Traditional cake
            Chocolate iced cake
            Powdered cake
            Glazed chocolate cake
            Glazed blueberry
            Glazed sour cream
            Chocolate iced glazed cruller
            New York cheesecake
            Caramel kreme crunch
            Key lime pie
            Apple fritter
            Glazed whole wheat

            Yep... I think that about covers it. Now I am craving some.. might have to run down there and get some for a late night snack. :D

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            1. re: scott.

              i just looked at the krispy kreme site and the new york cheesecake and caramel kreme crunch look really good too.

              i've had the pumpkin one around the holidays and i scarfed a bunch down like nobody's business, but i am starting to really get into these filled ones, yum.

              1. re: choctastic

                The pumpkin are excellent. I always head over around October for them and am very sad when they leave in December or so.

            2. Warm plain ones are my fave...yum I had one today! but, the Cheesecake ones are also quite good. Krispy Kreme is the ONLY donut I will eat.

              1. love the fresh and hot glazed donuts. but my true fave is the chocolate iced custard. i wish that they had a plain custard though. i also really like the cinnamon apple filled donut.

                1. I honestly would rather have the plain glazed over any of the others 99% of the time, but every once in a blue moon I'll get a maple one.

                  Now, Dunkin Donuts? Boston Cream without exception.

                  1. None,taste like a rip.I miss Dunkin Doughnuts none in washington anymore.One Winchels its good.

                    1. Glazed

                      Sometimes, I'll get a combo box.

                      I also think the custard filled and creme filled are good.

                      1. They have wholw wheat now, or I noticed they do at least.. They were out last night though. Anyone tried 'em?

                        1. Glazed, Key Lime, and Strawberry filled are my absolute favorites but I don't usually go to KK too often. But when I do, I come out with 2 boxes :)

                          My closest store doesn't seem to do the free donut while you wait anymore. Is it the same with the others?


                          1. Warm plain glazed for me, please. People used to sell them sometimes for fundraisers when I was growing up in northern Virginia and I never understood the appeal at all until much later when I finally had a fresh, warm one. Soooo good. Soooo stomach ache inducing.

                            1. The first and only Krispy Kreme donu I ever had (I know, I know, but if I decide I really like them, I will go up 4 dress sizes..ha ha)
                              Anyway....I had it in Freehold, NJ mall..Gloria Jean's coffee shop.....yum...Key Lime Pie!!!

                              It was the BEST donut I ever had! (and probably ever will again). The closest Krispy Kreme shop to me is 20 miles away in Brick, NJ. I steer clear of the one in Penn Station.

                              When I was in Houston, there was a place ..I think..called Kolachgies??? They were donut like and oh so good!

                              1. I like any and all apple fritters, so that hardly counts...oh, you gotta love the glazed blueberry. And when I'm in the right mood, the Kreme filled is ok.

                                1. Raspberry-filled glazed, chocolate-iced glazed. I wish they hadn't closed the store on 23rd and 8th (NYC) - I used to bring a bag into the movie theater across the street (please don't tell).