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Apr 25, 2007 05:09 PM

All you can eat Prime Rib Chris and Robs MSP

Has anyone had the All you can eat Prime Rib and Chris and Robs? I'm curious if it's any good. My guess is it is.

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  1. At Chris & Rob's? The former Joey D's? They do a really good job with Chicago-style hot dogs, an OK job with Italian beef and pizza, a mix of other sandwiches and fried things ... but prime rib?

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    1. re: Jordan

      Yes, it is the former Joey D's. Yes, they do a great job with those other things, but I have not had the prime rib yet.

      1. re: FishMPLS

        I had no idea that they had prime rib. Do they wrap it in waxed paper and bring it in the red plastic basket?

        1. re: Jordan

          I don't know if they do that, because I have never had it. I was hoping that some other people would be able to answer those kind of questions, too!