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Apr 25, 2007 05:05 PM

Looking for imported Dutch cocoa powder

Does anyone know where I could find real Dutch cocoa? Droste or Van Houten are brands I usually use, but any brand of imported Dutch cocoa will do. Absolutely nothing compares to Dutch cocoa and my stash is running low!

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  1. The owner of Dutch Dreams (Theo) might be able to help you...there should be a listing in the phone book...they are located on Vaughan Road.
    p.s. I f you have never been to Dutch Dreams for their very special yogurt ice cream concoctions you have missed something quite special..I urge you to go and find out for yourself!!

    1. Denninger's in the Hamilton area has both, I'm pretty sure. Not sure if they have stores more centrally, but you could look them up

      1. Always available at Brandt's in Mississauga.

        1. You probably want "dutched" or "Dutch process" cocoa rather than cocoa specifically imported from Holland. Not all cocoa from Holland is actually dutched, and Dutch process cocoa is made in other places.

          Dutched cocoa is alkalized. Though darker than natural cocoa, it tastes somewhat milder. The pH distinction can be important in baking, but might not matter much in other uses. Check the labels of what's in stock of you can't find the brand you want. Sharfenberger and Ghirardelli make cocoa that isn't dutched, but you'll probably like them anyway. Fry's cocoa, which isn't as nice, is dutched.

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            I agree with embee. I also believe that as part of the 'dutching' process that heat is used which brings out the chocolately flavour of the cocoa powder. Some high end bakers still use high cocoa fat powders (22%-24%), whereas the retail product is 10%-12% fat. That's a real treat if you could get it. Food Service distributors like Olympic Wholesale may sell to you.

          2. It is specifically imported Dutch cocoa that I am looking for. I have tried Fry's and Ghirardelli which is supposed to be a superior cocoa but it lacks the deep chocolatey flavour that Dutch cocoa has. Nobody does chocolate like the Dutch, or at least the Europeans!!!

            I will check out one of these stores! Thanks everyone for your help; it is much appreciated!

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            1. re: Chocolatemama

              I agree Fry's and Ghirardelli are both poor. I also agree that if you want cocoa and especially choclate, you have to go European to get the good stuff. They take it very seriously over there and have very strict laws about cocoa butter content.

              When you buy chocolate here, you have to be careful. A popular game is to buy raw chocolate from, say Belgium, and them make it something cheap here and call it Belgian chocolate. In a sense it is but in a sense it isn't. You need to look on the packagge to makesure that it was really made in Europe. Some companies, like Lindt, sell both real European chocloate and cheap NA stuff, so you really need to read the packages closely. Look for Neuhaus. That's what all the Belgians I know like and it all comes from Belgian.

              1. re: wordsworth

                Careful about those "strict European laws" also. I'm pretty sure I just saw a news item that the EU had caved in to the UK's demand that vegetable oil could be used legally in "real" chocolate.