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Apr 25, 2007 04:11 PM

Can Trader Joes precooked frozen shrimp be used in hot pasta dishes?

I just bought some Trader Joes frozen shrimp and it says to defrost and eat and avoid further cooking. I wan't to make a shrimp Alfrredo and wondered if I can still use this shrimp. Do I just mix it in with the sauce once the sauce is done? or should I have bought raw shrimp and cooked it for this dish?

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  1. You shouldn't have any problem, just get your sauce really hot and add shrimp for about 5 min just to heat through.

    1. I used some last week in a tomato based pasta dish. They have a wonderful texture out of the bag. I would add them to a hot dish, and wait a few minutes (without heating) for the heat of the sauce to warm them. They go from succulent and juicy to chewy and hard in a flash. I think you are better off with raw shrimp but these will be better than no shrimp at all.

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        Yeah, if they'll separate okay without tearing, I'd put them in the hot sauce without thawing. When I do thaw them I prefer to do it under COLD running water in a wire strainer - I think it helps to keep them firmer and more flavorful, though that might just be my imagination.

      2. i usually just put in a bowl or colendar and run some warm water over them for a few minutes to unfreeze them - then toss in dishes to warm through.