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Apr 25, 2007 04:05 PM

Decent Italian in Memphis?

Any recommendations? I've tried Grisanti's, and I wasn't impressed. Bari is ok, but it's getting boring. I prefer not to venture "out East," but I will for good meal.

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  1. Bari is the only good Italian in Memphis. No one else comes close.

    1. Unfortunately, no such animal exists in Memphis. There are plenty of cheap and fun red sauce joints, but nothing authentic. It seems like such a no-brainer too.

      1. What about pizza in Memphis? Preferably Naples-style, but as long as the crust and sauce are good, any pizza will do.

        1. Try Corealle's Brooklyn Bridge at Poplar & Kirby out east. Great family and great family Italian food.
          As far as chain places, Carrabba's is about the best of the chains in my opinion.
          Also, there are several "Grisanti's" In Memphis. Frank's, Ronnie's, as well as Elfo's and Bola Pasta, etc. They're not all the same.

          1. We actually have some good restaurants "out East" now- don't let the stereotypes fool you! There are some really good ethnic places popping up in Germantown and Cordova.
            I hesitate to mention this because it's sort of a chain (though a small one), but Amerigo's in Park Place is one of our favorite restaurants. Great mussels, and a wood-fired stove for the pizza. It's cozy and comfortable, and we love the salads.