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Apr 25, 2007 04:03 PM

Napa Valley - port wine

[The Chowhound Team moved this post from the Wine Board because of its location specific nature.]

I’ll be going to Napa this weekend and would like to bring back some port style wine. Was a fan of the Buena Vista ports from Sonoma, but are no longer in production.

Also suggestions for lunch/dinner would be great too…(nice but not pricey)


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  1. Heitz makes a nice Ink Grade Port.

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    1. re: TonyO

      Heitz also produces a very interesting (and tasty) port-styled wine from Grignolino grapes.

      1. re: zin1953

        Yes, I was given a bottle of the Grignolino version a couple years ago from a close friend of the Heitz family. It was very enjoyable.

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          Heitz is really yummy... had a case of it for tasting at our wedding.... another favorite, but up in Calistoga is vincent Arroyo (to die for, but tends to have a wait list)

        2. re: TonyO

          For CA port-styled wines, I really like the Beringer varietal offerings, and often pour one in a Port tasting, just for the counterpoint.

          Meyer's Family (Silver Oak) port is a nice wine, as is the BV, though it is tougher to find, even at the winery.

          I have had Prager port, and found it lacking, but I understand that a stop there is well worth the visit. Besides, you may appreciate their port-styled wine, more than I do.

          Elsewhere, Geyser Peak has done some nice port-styled wines, that I have enjoyed.


          1. re: TonyO

            I had the Heitz today. Tasty. I prefer the Ink Grade to the thinner Grignolino Port.

          2. Lunch: Bistro Don Giovanni just north of Napa, or Taylor's Refresher in St. Helena.

            For wines made in a style similar to true Porto, Heitz is one good choice. So, too, is Beringer, which produces this style of wine from Cabernet Sauvignon.

            But the REAL place to go is Prager -- they make 6-7 different wines similar to true Ports. Some are produced from Petite Sirah, but others are produced from traditional Portuguese varieties. Tacky website, but:

            I never recommend V. Sattui, but if you like Madeira . . . brave the crowds and get some of their version.

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            1. re: zin1953

              Yes, the Prager Port Works has a very corny website, but go to the winery and they will let you see their "other" website. If you do go, note that their driveway is marked, but the sign gets kind of lost in the bushes. I've gotten their white port as a gift for friends who can't drink red wine. Their tasting is nice because you can taste several different types of port (I had 8 on a recent visit).

              Have a nice trip!


            2. Charles Krug makes an excellent Zinfandel Port, a blend of eight vintages. Can't recommend other CK wines, but the port is incredibly good. On weekends, they pair it with Scharrfen Berger chocolate...about $30 for 500 ml. Call first.

              1. here are some port that you can only get it at winery....makes it kind a special imo

                shafer hillside cab port
                vincent arroyo petti sirah port
                rombauer zin port
                clos pegase cab port
                del dotto cab franc port
                schweiger cab port
                silver oak meyer family port
                v sattui port
                provenance vineyard port
                frank family vineyard port
                cuvaison espirtu port

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                  1. re: rickym13

                    The Rombauer Zin Port is excellent! I wish they sold it outside their winery (and I wish we had bought more than two bottles when we visited there a couple years ago!).