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Apr 25, 2007 04:01 PM

Berkshire/Heirloom pork in Weschester?

Any farm markets that feature these products as well as locally raised livestock or locally grown produce? The White Plains farmers' market is not very good at all.

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  1. Wizza, there was just a thread on local farmers markets and while I haven't been yet and most aren't open for another month or so, there are two in So. West. - Larchmont and in Rye, one on Sat. the other on Sundays. Others mentioned were, I believe, an Ossining market that got high praise. There was a website on the thread which listed all markets in Westchester (or at least many) and then you can go market by market and see a brief listing of the products avail. there. They don't specify type of item ie, just cheese not aged goat cheese but if they have meats there they might have what you are seeking.

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      Ossining has had good chicken, beef, lamb and pork in the past. Don't know if the pork is Berkshire/heirloom, but it was might yummy. Can't wait for them to open this year. Marinated chicken has been heavensent on a busy workday!

    2. Check with The Flying Pig in Mt. Kisco. They have moved to a larger resturant space so I'm not sure if they are doing their retail products any longer.

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        Blue Hill Stone Barn Farmers Market (Seasonal)

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          The place you want is Flying Pigs Farm in Shushan NY. Great products ship to you direct in about one day!

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            I agree, they also available in some of the farmers markets, including Union Sq. in Manhattan I think on Saturdays.

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              I don't know what heirloom pork is, but the Pork Store in Portchester on Willett Ave. has wonderful products.

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                The Pork Store doesn't sell heirloom pork as far s I know.

                Heirloom is a variety of plant or animal that has been passed from generation to generation within a family or community. Heritage is one that has some significance to a particular region or culture. These are strains or breeds that aren't raised by the large farm factories because they are more difficult to grow or produce results different from what they think consumers want.

                We don't normally see heritage/heirloom animals/plants being sold at supermarkets because they aren't raised by the large producers, only smaller farms. Many tend to have better/different flavor, more/less fat, etc.

                Berkshire is a breed of pig that was discovered by Cromwells army that has intense marbling of the meat similar to how wagyu (kobe beef) does. It is also called kurobuta pork because the Japanese were given some of the pigs centuries ago and further bred them with another strain, I think possibly a Chinese one, to increase the marbling. Although Berkshire has great marbling it actually has less back/belly/subcutaneous fat than other breeds.

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                  Interesting, JMF. Thank you for the info.

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                    Oh, and forgot to add that Berkshire pork, both due to the marbling, and the slightly meatier taste than commercial pork, makes for some amazingly succulent and juicy pork. It is incredibly good and what pork tasted like until the producers bred all the flavor and fat out of the main US hog strains a half century ago.